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Welcome to the only corner of the internet that teaches visionary leaders, change-makers and rebel entrepreneurs how to accelerate their growth and scale their 6-figure business with ease. It’s time to learn how YOU can grow your impact & income through strategies that amplify and multiply your vision.  

7-Figure Freedom Podcast

Discover open and honest conversations about how you can best leverage the success you’ve already built in your visionary business to generate more impact, more income, and yes, lasting freedom. MWS founder, Madeleine, and fellow scaling experts drop new episodes weekly.

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done-for-you EMPIRE BUILDING

How to Scale Your Income + Impact So You Can Achieve 7-Figure Years and 6-Figure Months

How the 7-Figure Freedom Methodology build freedom inducing empires for visionary CEOs, Transformational Leaders, and Successful Coaches without cookie-cutter solutions, micro-managing team or scaling chaos. 

This free, on-demand video training will show you exactly how we transformed three different businesses at $200K, $600K and $1.6M into true empires while increasing profit margins, building and training a top notch team, scaling delivery, and ultimately freeing the CEO up in the process. 


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Without Following Cookie-Cutter Solutions, Micro-Managing Your Team, or Scaling Chaos.