Case Studies

Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford graduated attorney turned intuitive business strategist and the creator of the Channel Your Genius methodology.

Meet Mellissa who grew her business from $200K to $700K within 10 months

Before partnering with us to scale her 6-figure business, Mellissa was launching a program, running a challenge, hosting a webinar, speaking on stages, writing sales emails to her list—you name it—she was working hard to serve her clients and generate enough revenue to cover her bills. If she had the audacity to take a break, go on vacation, or attend a mastermind, her business screeched to a halt and she would lose money and momentum. She knew she wanted more reliable income, to create a bigger impact, and the freedom to step away, but she didn't know how to create the next level of growth in her business without just doing more of what she was already doing—and that, frankly, felt impossible. She was already working SO hard.


Not only did we work with Mellissa to design the profitable and sustainable business revenue model of her dreams, but we also hired a top-notch integrator and completely overhauled her operations.

As a result of her business redesign, not only did the soft launch to her list of her newly created signature program generate over $167K in a few weeks but it also set her up with a recurring income stream that would more than cover her bills for a whole year — giving her the cash and freedom to take two month long vacations! Over the year she enrolled over 300 students into her Channel Your Genius Academy, had over 10,000 new subscribers take her quiz, and every day she received dream client inquiries without her having to do any of the heavy lifting. Mellissa was finally free to channel her genius.

“Partnering with Madeleine and her team has been the best decision I've made in structuring my business for ease and success. Madeleine is more innovative, more strategic, and more creative than anyone when it comes to creating elegant structure, and building the perfect team. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner. If you have a 6-figure business and a vision and you want to work solely in your zone of genius while your business, impact, and income keep growing - you need to scale. If you want it done well, you need Madeleine and her team.”

her words, not ours

"Madeleine absolutely did help me flip the "freedom switch!" with her 2-step sales system. My time and energy freed up and I upped my conversion rates. Madeleine taught me how to position myself as an expert. She understands the mindset and strategies that are aligned with the values of healthcare providers."

Visionary Love Notes

Patrice Perillo, Find a Career You Deserve

“I’ve just had my best month ever! My business is totally rocking and I’m in love with the systems and structure that I’ve created. This is all thanks to Madeleine and her coaching.  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. She is a vital part of my business and has completely changed my life.”

Rachel Bolton, Natural Fertility Expert

“I know clarity when I feel it. I decided to sign up with Madeleine yesterday. I followed her coaching from our call this morning and I've already got my first signup for a new group program I didn’t even know I had coming up - LOL! Chatting with four more interested folks and just emailed my list. I’m living proof of the difference between creating debt and investing in my business. I’m asking my clients to invest in themselves, there’s something magical about me doing the same. Yay me!!! If any of you are on the fence, it’s really fun over here.”

Cinder Ernst, Knee Friendly Fitness

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My clients Laura Minard RN and Shelby Kurz RN
founders of the Successful Nurse Coaches are single handedly                         corporate medicine...

"We knew we didn't want - or need - another business coaching program or just another mentor. We needed someone that could actually tell us what we needed to do to scale our success...and then help us to implement because we were already maxed out., adding more stuff to do just wouldn't have worked."

How did they do it?


by empowering nurses to step out on their own, building health coaching private practices, and bringing true HEALTH to their communities...

In just the last 6 months of stepping into the Accelerator program and applying the 7-Figure Freedom Method to their $200K a year business, these two powerhouses have completely leveled up...and are now on track to hit 7-figures in 2022...

They invested in themselves and their vision.

We redesigned their business revenue model...and 3x their fees...and without missing a beat, they began selling their new offer and made $100K in the first 30-days of launching their program to their current list and FB a few months later, that number has nearly tripled...

They were fearless.

Laura and Shelby have added 5 new team members to their team and fired 2 that weren't a fit...but before bringing new hires onboard, they developed the standard operational procedures for each of the tasks and projects they were that their team stepping in to support them, had the support of solid systems, and clear expectations of what success would look like...

 They got strategic.

Instead of scaling the chaos of their 6-figure business when it was running at full capacity, we slowed down and simplified...put systems, automations and workflows in place making scaling up so much easier...and faster...

They simplified before multiplying.

Total rockstars!!! Watch out 7-figures,
they're coming for you!

"I’ve worked with Madeleine on several projects and the results Madeleine gets for her clients are unprecedented."

Corey Whitaker


Meet Sean who broke free from the cash flow rollercoaster and created a steady, recurring income doing what he loves.

Before stepping into the Accelerator program, Sean was running big events, making big money. But making lots of money one month, and nothing the next, was taking a toll. The constant hustle was exhausting and unsatisfying. The last event he ran, he lost money, even after making more than 6-figures in sales. On the inside, things were coming apart at the seams. He was spread so thin, he was practically see-through, with just one mighty assistant by his side. It was impossible to keep up with the demands of his growing business.


We redesigned his offer and business around his natural strengths and unique wiring while generating a steady, predictable income month after month. Then we hired a top-notch business manager to step in and do the heavy lifting in his business while he stayed put in his zone of genius.

Rather than running one-on-one coaching calls that drained him, he was performing from his super-cool zoom home stage, transforming large groups of clients with his gifts. With a dedicated and capable team by his side, doing the stuff that he didn’t have time to tend to or didn’t enjoy doing. For the first time since he started his business 10 years ago, he enjoyed a steady income, that took care of him and his family’s needs, and allowed him to invest in the team, systems, tactics and strategy that he needed to create his vision.

“Madeleine was there for me every step of the way. If I had a tricky sales conversations, or a snafus with one of my team members, or was planning my next enrollment event, she was right there, guiding and supporting me. Having that level of support, I no longer felt alone at the top, driving my vision, by pure force. I relaxed and implemented solid strategy in every part of my business, from operations, delivery, to sales, and marketing. Having the support I need in my business has given me the freedom to collaborate with some of the industry greats like Lisa Sasevich, Les Brown, and Justin Cunningham.”

HIs words, not ours

Visionary Love Notes

“We have gone from never being on social media to implementing the whole Empowered Client Journey and have more new clients than ever before in our 33 years in practice.”

Drs. Allen & Sharon Dubner, Chiropractors and wellness champions

"Madeleine have helped me increase my collections significantly while also decreasing my workload which has allowed me to focus on what I do best: chiropractic. She has been extremely pleasant to work with and sensitive to the needs and preferences of my particular business style. I highly recommend Madeleine to anyone who wants their practice run more smoothly and profitably.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, Gentle Chiropractic Care

"Madeleine made me think about WHO I want to connect with to grow my referral network. She taught me to not be afraid to reach out-- and reach up-- to people to ask them to collaborate. Madeleine humanized the people on the other side, and it made the process less scary - and got me results!

Karen Shopoff Roof, Women's Wellness Warrior

Elayne Kalila Doughty is the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple: A community of 80,000 women strong from all over the world stepping into a deeper spiritual path.

Meet Elayne Kalila who scaled her business to $112K months in just 9 months. 

Before partnering with us to scale her multi-6-figure sacred business, Elayne Kalila was the driving force and inspiration behind her business massive launches, doing all the sales calls herself, delivering all 4 of the programs, leading and tracking hundreds of students through their spiritual growth path. Coming off her best year to date, she was feeling the cost of her success, she knew that to continue to be the only main teacher and content developer was not sustainable. She knew she wanted to step into a whole new level of depth with her programs but she didn’t know where she would find the time, energy or audience.


On our second call, during the height of Covid, we helped her pivot a modest launch turning it into $150K in revenue within a few days. Then we leveraged the momentum and tweaked the other two upcoming launches for the year and as a result her next launch brought in $350K in revenue. This massive growth was made possible by bringing in her team to do the sales calls and most of the delivery of the programs so that growth was no longer solely dependent on Elayne Kalila. Now she was freed up to step into the deep mentorships she had been feeling called to bring into the world, finding her audience right there in her community. All while 3x the number of scholarships offered to the students that needed $$ support to step into programs.

“Partnering with Madeleine and her amazing team has been nothing short of a miracle. I have always had such a deep desire to have our internal business structures be as elegant and clear as the work that we offer into the world! Madeleine has helped me to not only increase revenue , but also look at the overall health and well being of the business- what it takes to build a legacy through the structures and systems. She has supported us with everything from how we run our launches, to training staff, and seeing where we needed much more support. Her strategic brilliance is a major asset, and her systems and procedures (that she shares so generously) are starting to create the space for us to continue to build a sustainable business that holds true to its mission and purpose! Amazing!!” 

her words, not ours

Jesse & Sharla are the founders of Thrive Academy, a multi-7-figure company that is the #1 source for turning coaches and holistic practitioners into 6-figure transformational leaders.

Meet Jesse & Sharla Who Cut Their Company Payroll By $40K per Month while Growing Their Team, Increasing Productivity, and Enjoying Their Best Conversion Live Event Ever

Before partnering with us, Jesse and Sharla had been through two pivotal years as the world shut down their live in-person event business and everything from operations, to marketing, to sales, to delivery had to change practically overnight. Like the powerhouse leaders that they are, Jesse and Sharla, raised to the occasion and brought their whole business virtual. To bring order as they literally changed their whole business model, they knew they needed to invest in operational strategic support and hired a reputable, highly-qualified and vetted operational officer to help them. But other than diagnosing problems and bringing forth brilliant ideas of how to improve the company, no actual changes were completed and within six months Jesse and Sharla were back to square one, going at it alone. To make matters worse, 80% of their long-term team members resigned as the shift to the online business model and the changes that came with it was not in alignment with many of their team members that had absolutely loved the live in-person event space. 


Our team stepped in to drive the operational changes that needed to take place to create a solid foundation to grow the business and scale it upwards with more ease and less hustle. We helped build a company culture based on structure and SOPs (standard operational procedures) eliminating capacity blocks so that scalability was not only possible, but inevitable. We hired a solid team of talent to drive the growth and manage the big projects and team to free Jesse and Sharla up to step into their role as CEOs and Visionaries. Our project manager spearheaded a key business development project that became a key player in the success of their next big event. 

As a result, Jesse and Sharla, lead their highest conversion event 9-months after we began our collaboration, converting over 30% of the attendees at the virtual Client Attraction Summit into their educational programs for coaches and holistic practitioners, generating over $700K in just one event. Growing a solid team of key players to accelerate their growth while creating a transformational company culture to raise up their team so that Thrive Academy can make an even bigger impact in the world. AND cutting their payroll close to half a million dollars per year - talk about a game changer! Streamlining workflow and building redundancy into each position so that hiring and training becomes easy and fast, rather than slow and painful. 

“Partnering with Madeleine and her team has been one of the smartest decisions we’ve made in redesigning our business for the online world. Madeleine is more innovative, more strategic, and more creative than anyone when it comes to creating elegant structure, and building the perfect team. Our only regret is that we didn't hire her sooner, before we wasted months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on COOs that didn’t deliver. Madeleine and her team truly did whatever it was going to take to meet deadlines, deliver top notch work, and make good on their promises. We’ve rarely worked with a team with more integrity and dedication.” 

TheIr words, not ours

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