The Hello 7-Figure Freedom team is on a mission to turn hustle + grind businesses into freedom inducing empires without cookie-cutter solutions, micro-managing team, or scaling chaos with our done-for-you operations build-out, dream team hire, and leadership development strategies.

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Hey there!

A small-town girl from Switzerland, rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom and writer with big dreams. 

Meet the Founder

At the age of 44, my husband and I decided to sell everything - my business, our home, and all our belongings - move into a 440 sq ft trailer to chase our favorite bands across the country.

Little did I know, that decision would be my one-way ticket out of the endless 6-figure hustle. That single pivot compelled me to develop the 7-Figure Freedom Method, to set myself free, and provided us with the 7-Figure Freedom we're enjoying today! 

Now my team and I apply the 7-Figure Freedom Method to rapidly scale visionary businesses to change humanity and the world. 

Madeleine Wyke Silva

Hi there! I'm Jamie. I'm the one finding our clients top-notch talent for their team (on a budget they can afford) so that they can be freed up to do the stuff they love to do in their businesses.  

Recruitment Manager

Hey! I'm Mel, and I work alongside our clients and their team to speed up the transformation they want to see in their business. Installing the 7-Figure Methodology for rapid scaling is where it's at! 


It's so great to meet you! I'm Renosa, but everyone calls me Reeno. I work with the Hello 7-Figure Freedom Operations Build-Out installation team literally building systems right into our clients' businesses from scratch. 

PROGRAM Assistant





Hey! I'm Tristian. I'm the man behind the scenes producing binge worthy episodes of the 7-Figure Freedom podcast. 

Podcast Production

clientcare extraordinaire


Hello! I'm Reg. I work alongside the Hello 7-Figure Freedom installation team to give our clients that wow! experience as we transform their businesses from the ground up, installing seamless systems that do the heavy lifting for them. 

Hello! I'm Vanessa. I'm the Hello 7-Figure Freedom SOP strategist. I create simple to follow and easy to use step-by-step operational procedures that our clients' teams can use to create order out of chaos inside our clients' businesses. 

Operations Build-Out Manager

PROGRAM assistant



Hi! I'm Pia, and I have the pleasure to bring our clients all the bells and whistles with the Hello 7-Figure Freedom experience. They have a question? I have an answer. Can't find something? I'll get it for you. Need to reschedule? I got you. 


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This free, on-demand 5 part video training will guide you through the exact team assessment process I utilize in my business to tap into my team's talent, turn unmotivated team members into my top performers, and create a self-managing team that can run the day-to-day, drive growth, and deliver to my standards without me. 

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