The Hello 7-Figure Freedom team is on a mission to scale visionary businesses into 7-figure years and 6-figure months to set visionary CEOs free to transform humanity and the world!

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A small-town girl from Switzerland, rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom and writer with big dreams. 

Meet the Founder

At the age of 44, my husband and I decided to sell everything - my business, our home, and all our belongings - move into a 440 sq ft trailer to chase our favorite bands across the country.

Little did I know, that decision would be my one-way ticket out of the endless 6-figure hustle. That single pivot compelled me to develop the 7-Figure Freedom Method, to set myself free, and provided us with the 7-Figure Freedom we're enjoying today! 

Now my team and I apply the 7-Figure Freedom Method to rapidly scale visionary businesses to change humanity and the world. 

Madeleine Wyke Silva

Hi there! I'm Elle. I'm the project manager at H7FF. I'll handle all things related to your done-for-you installments to ensure that you receive top notch services from everyone on our team. 

PROJECT manager

Hey! I'm Mel, and I work alongside our clients and their team to speed up the transformation they want to see in their business. Installing the 7-Figure Methodology fro rapid scaling is where it's at! 


It's so great to meet you! I'm Renosa, but everyone calls me Reeno. I work alongside the Hello 7-Figure Freedom installation team to give you that wow! experience as we transform your business. 

PROGRAM Assistant





Heey! I'm Nina. I'll be designing elegant graphics to bring your projects to life and make your brand a smashing success. I'm also the content creator behind the Hello 7-Figure Freedom brand.

content creator

Hello! I'm Pia. Your private Voxer channel is like having me in your back pocket. I'm here to ensure you have everything you need to make your collaboration with the Hello 7-Figure Freedom team brag worthy. 

clientcare extraordinaire



Hey You! I'm Anne. I'm the one the Hello 7-Figure Freedom team calls when technology gets tangled up. So no surprise, I'm a hot commodity when Mercury is in retrograde. 



Hey! I'm Blessy, and I have the pleasure to bring you all the bells and whistles with the H7FF done-for-you hiring. I love finding your perfect fit unicorn to add to your team! 



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Enjoy 7-figure years and 6-figure months without the constant hustle.

This free assessment will pinpoint exactly what to tweak in your business so you can scale with ease, leaving the hustle and grind behind by answering 25 yes or no questions addressing 5 key areas - wealth, integration, support, expansion, and freedom. 

You'll receive a personalized report within a few minutes inside your private inbox so that you can create more income, more impact, and yes, more freedom today. 

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