Creating Time Freedom: How to Take Month-Long Vacations Without Breaking The Bank…Or Your Business

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I have to say, there is nothing like taking a month-long vacation while your business is running seamlessly without you…and you know what’s even more fun? Getting back to the office with nothing for you to actually do. 

No work piled up while you were gone. No breakdowns to fix. No drama to get a handle on. Just the business actually running seamlessly. 

This is probably one of the biggest dreams of the visionaries that we work with. They want so badly to have the financial and time freedom to step away without losing income or function when they’re not there, as well as the creative freedom to step away and lean into their vision and have enough spaciousness to conceptualize and create what they want to do next in their business.

If this sounds completely out of reach and impossible to you, stick around. I’m going to tell you a story about one of our previous clients who felt the very same…

Creating Sustainability and Consistency

Not long ago, one of our accelerated clients came to us completely exhausted from everything in her business being dependent on her. 

Now, to be clear, she wasn’t a beginner in her business at all. She’s been making consistent 20,000-$50,000 months for years.

However, in order to get there, she had to launch something new to sell every single month because she was starting every single month at zero. 

On top of that, she had to also continue delivering the courses, the programs, and the coaching that she had sold across previous months.

Because of this, she was always trapped in hustle mode, trying to keep that business afloat. She had no time freedom. Scaling up wasn’t even an option; she had no bandwidth to take anything more on. This needed to shift in order to make scaling and growing possible again. 

As so many of us successful coaches, transformational leaders, and visionary CEOs know, success can come at a really high price…sometimes too high of a price. Our client knew that she was meant to make a much bigger impact, but she had no time freedom to do so; she was just too bogged down by the day-to-day management of her business to have the bandwidth to bring her ultimate vision to life. And even though she had a team to help her, she had traded doing the tasks herself for now managing the team and the projects, which wasn’t any better for her time freedom.

Now, most coaches, leaders, and CEOs think that they just need to make another $5,000 or $10,000 per month, and then they’ll finally be able to invest in the team that they need to free themselves up and grow their time freedom. They just need to just sell more courses, sell more programs, sell more coaching so that they can finally scale. 

Now, here’s the thing. Our client had the opportunity to do all of these things, but here’s what set her apart: she refused to shrink her whole business’s future into one simplistic solution. She realized that she was way closer to bringing her ultimate vision into reality than she could possibly see on her own, so instead, she stepped into our done-for-you business scaling program to let us help shift her perspective.

We showed her how to leverage the success that she had already built rather than starting over from scratch. 

Too often, when you step into your mastermind, you are asked to take everything out and start over to follow somebody else’s idea of what success should look like. But the reality is, if you are making six figures, multi-six figures, or even seven figures, there are so many things that you are already doing right in your business. There’s no reason for you to start over with a new whole thing. You have so many assets that you have already built, and you just need to figure out what you need to tweak in your business to really starting amplifying and optimizing those assets to work for you the way you intended and give you more time freedom. That is exactly what our client did, but she needed our help to do it. 

Blind Spots

When you’re so close to your business, you have blind spots; you’re too close to see what actually needs to shift and change. When people get into our accelerated program, they really get that outside perspective from somebody who can see the big picture. 

We also customize everything to be personalized, so the unique strengths, wiring, and vision of the clients that we work with are prioritized and taken into consideration for everything that we do. 

Our clients don’t emulate what I do; sure, we have a framework for it, but we are really tuning in to our clients and figuring out exactly what it is that they need and want. That is way more important than what I think they should be doing. 

Once we’ve figured that out, we tweak what they’ve already built to really optimize their processes, give them more time freedom, and help them scale from there.

To help our client achieve the income, creative, and time freedom she wanted, we helped her to turn her current offerings into one evergreen, year-long academy, creating more than enough monthly recurring income.

We also found her an amazing integrator to manage the whole business’s operations and her team so she could finally step into her zone of genius. 

In her very first launch that she did to her current audience, she made over $167,000. After that, we redesigned her marketing assets into a simple and elegant sales funnel, fueled with some paid advertising to really drive the traffic to her offer that we already tested with her current audience, and over the next six months, she called in over two hundred members to her academy. 

She finally had a recurring monthly income, a team that could run the business without her, an operations manager that got her out from managing tasks and managing her team, and the time freedom she needed to book not one, but actually two month-long vacations in that very first year of working.

You Don’t Have To Start Over To Achieve Success

What I really want you to tune into from this story is that there are a lot of things that you are doing right in your business already. Figuring out how to leverage your success rather than starting over is key for you to get the time freedom you dream of, and recurring monthly income is a game-changer for your nervous system and your vacation schedule.

There’s nothing more stressful than having to start every single month at zero and then trying to hustle to make the sales just to pay the bills. It feels like no matter how much money you make, you never have enough to actually pause and chill and have a little bit of breathing room. 

Recurring monthly income totally changes that game. Also, your willingness to borrow someone else’s perspective on your business is key to see in the path forward.

Now, I want to make a distinction here: I don’t mean that you should throw everything out the door to take on somebody else’s idea of success. But I do believe that having somebody else’s perspective working with you, looking at the same problem with you, and aligning everything with your unique vision, strength, and wiring so that the path forward becomes much easier and more streamlined is absolutely key to getting to where you want to be.

Finally, strategically speaking, the biggest shift necessary to scale up your income, impact, and time freedom is turning your best marketing, your best delivery, and your best sales processes into simple, elegant, easily reproducible workflows that anyone on your team can replicate. Being able to delegate even the most complex tasks, even the stuff that you think only you can do, is what actually determines how fast you can scale your visionary business to the point that you can step away from it for month-long vacations while your business keeps thriving. 

If you have a business that you would like to be able to run without you, and you’d like to scale your income and impact with a whole lot more ease and speed, then let’s connect. Let’s have a conversation. This is exactly what we are here to do for you.

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