Magic, Manifestation, and Marketing: A Discussion About Simple Scaling with Elizabeth Purvis

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Hello, visionaries. I have a really special treat for you today—I’ve invited my friend Elizabeth Purvis to chat with me about simple scaling methods!

Elizabeth is the CEO of 7-Figure Goddess, where they tackle the premier offers and messaging strategies for high-achieving transformational leaders ready to scale to seven figures and beyond. Her specialty is leading experienced coaches, healers, mentors, and spiritual teachers to embody their highest level and scale their business on demand without webinars, launches, or sales calls.

The two of us work with the same kind of audience and share a love of simple scaling, so I can’t wait for her to share her story with you all. Please welcome Elizabeth!

Elizabeth’s Story

Madeleine: Tell us a little bit about how you ended up doing this work at this time. I know you have an amazing story, and I want to hear it!

Elizabeth: I’ll try to keep it short. I am a super old guard, as I’ve been in this industry for quite a while. I quit my job in January 2007, and I came right into this industry. I actually thought I was going to be a comics writer, but I found my way to our industry here as a side job. It was meant to be a way to make money while I was writing the books, though I ended up falling in love with it.

Anyhow, I started as a copywriter. It felt very strange, though, because at the time, I was convinced I was going to be a comic writer, but I had a very strong pull to the hardcore direct response marketers who ruled the roost. I remember thinking to myself that she—as in, the goddess—had me working with these guys for some reason that I couldn’t see yet. 

I didn’t know why I was so interested in that work. I didn’t know why it was such a big deal to me. But as I went on, I started to see the parallels between marketing and sales and entrepreneurship and magic, which is the other background I had when I came in. (By magic, I mean transformation, creation, manifestation, and all that stuff.)

So when I quit my job, I had been an engineer for quite some time. I have a master’s in computer science, and I was a systems engineer for ten years. When I wasn’t fixing computers, I was running around New York City, working with all these different magical groups and training with my lineage.

When I saw all these magic parallels with entrepreneurship, I realized I was clearly being guided, but of course I was fighting it, because my identity was elsewhere. 

Eventually, about two years in, I really landed on high-end offers and using them to achieve simple scaling. I knew from that point that there was going to be a magic component to my business and a business component to the business, because I see myself as a magic teacher, but for me, magic has to have a purpose. It has to have a channel to work through, and that’s really where your business comes in.

Not everyone feels that way about magic. Some people like to do magic for magic’s sake, but for me, I think we need to put the football through the goalpost, so to speak. What is the desired outcome? What are we doing this for? That’s an important piece to this, in my opinion.

That’s how I ended up in coaching and dealing with high-end offers and simple scaling, because high-end offers are basically a big manifestation experiment. 

I also always knew that I was meant to work with transformational leaders. When I was a copywriter, dudes were always telling me, “You’d be a lot more successful with this if you worked with real estate agents.” But I knew that wasn’t where I wanted to be; I already had my people.

So I started out learning my chops in the business coaching side by teaching high-end offer stuff to beginners. Of course, I was a beginner myself, but I created a number of very successful business coaching programs over a few years. One of them was called Goddess Business School. Another was one of the first big trainings on the high-end model called Platinum Program Secrets, and both of them served hundreds of people, but at that point, I hit my wall. 

I slammed to a halt and said, “Wait, what am I doing? What’s the real work I’m here to do?” And as scary as that can feel, it’s actually a victorious point for a lot of transformational leaders and entrepreneurs, because you go to school and you learn the thing, but then you get to ask, “What’s my real work?”

I knew I couldn’t teach what I was teaching anymore, but I also thought, “It’s time for me to be the magic teacher to the mainstream.” I started on that, but I quickly realized that wasn’t it, either. I was going to gouge my eyeballs out if I was just talking about manifesting in a manifesting course for the next ten years. There had to be a bigger piece.

What ultimately dropped in was my new way of teaching high-end offers to transformational leaders and helping them package up their highest-level work so that they can do simple scaling.

In addition, throughout all of that time while I was building the million-dollar business, I was doing it by launching, managing live events, webinars, and sales-calling. I had a sales team. I was known for launches, I was known for webinars. I was—and still am—a huge marketing nerd. It was scaling, but it wasn’t simple scaling.

So another place where I hit my wall was that I couldn’t fill programs that way anymore. I never wanted to fill them like that in the first place. I love marketing, but all of the tension I’d had with my clients previously surrounded them not wanting to do that kind of stuff.

So I did what I always did at the time, and I said, “Show me the guy who can help me find the alternative.”

The guy showed up, and for four years straight, I filled all of our programs, including our 20K-25K programs, with emails and PDF files. And after the first year of doing that, I knew I had to take that to my people, because I wanted them to stay in their lane and be able to work their magic and to be able to do the transformational work and be able to use simple scaling to reach high six or even seven figures without the marketing apparatus.

After that mark, I find that you want to bring the marketing apparatus back, but you can get to a very significant recurring revenue with just emails and PDFs. 

So it was a circuitous path to get to where I am now, and I was learning all of our magic stuff along the way, because the magic stuff is also still there.

But when I found this, I knew that this was my lane, and I was going to stay in it while bringing it to other leaders, because this simple scaling is truly a fantastic alternative to what we’re told we have to do. 

Simple Scaling IS Possible

Madeleine: Simple scaling is so sexy. This is part of why I’m so excited; I feel like I’m opening up a secret box and letting you out into my world with my people. And just to make sure everyone caught this—she said you can literally do 25K+ offers while only selling them on PDF and emails. You’ll never have to get a sales call, never have to do a launch, never have to build a funnel, never have to figure out a lead magnet, any of that. Obviously you have to have a list, and yes, you might have some referral partners and pieces, but it’s all based in simplicity. 

Elizabeth: Yes. In fact, in my experience, the hardest part about this process is helping people wrap their head around how simple scaling can be. 

The brain loves to chew on things. So when you basically say, “Guess what we’re going to do instead?” and make it possible to do simple scaling, it’s hard for people to accept it can truly be that easy.

Feeling the Vibration

Elizabeth: Another piece to this is energy and vibration. When I first started teaching high-end stuff and simple scaling, people were asking me to teach them how to do 50K offers with my method, and I’d never done that before. For me, 50K offers just weren’t something I was experienced with. I’m not super attached to doing them myself, because I love groups. I love to build big groups, and that’s not commonly a 50K thing.

I had a little bit of resistance to it, but finally I had to say, “All right, that’s what people are asking for, so we need to do it.” And I realized I had to come up with a way to instantly get people to an energetic place where they could invest in that, because that is a huge mental hurdle. So I got to thinking and trying to come up with an answer for how I could instantly have people snap into the vibration of being someone who does that. 

In the framework that I came up with called “The Standards,” it tells you how to get people to that place instantly. 

The other piece to it is about manifestation. If we look at the manifestation process, part of it is reaching a level of vibration. What you vibrate out determines what you see back. And that was great to know, but if I wanted to offer 50K programs, if I wanted to create a seven-figure business as a leader, if I wanted to manifest that, I needed to figure out what that vibrational signature actually looked like. I needed to figure out what the pieces were and how I could show someone the way to piece out how to make a vibrational signature that could accurately call in the thing that they wanted.

That’s the deeper work that The Standards are a part of, because it all comes down to ten little energetic switches that together make up the vibration or frequency of leading the kind of businesses that we do. 

I find this to be profound, because I’m super “woo,” but I’m also super practical, and I feel like if the “woo” doesn’t help me in the practical, then it’s just “woo.” It’s not enough.

Symptoms To Watch Out For

Madeleine: What are some of the symptoms that a visionary CEO will experience that will tell them that now is the perfect time to reach out to you?

Elizabeth: I think about this question a lot, because offers are all about symptoms. 

First of all, we work best with transformational leaders: coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, conscious experts, etcetera. So those that are more practical than “woo,” but know that they’re up to “woo” as well, people who are actually helping others change their lives, change their mindset, and work magic, basically. I call them magicians sometimes. 

When our leaders reach out to us, they’ve been to marketer school, so to speak, so they know how to put the basics of programs together. That means that they’re usually at around the 100K-200K mark, which is the perfect place for us to do our work.

Another important criteria is that it’s actually very helpful if they haven’t settled on a scaling methodology, because once you settle on a scaling methodology, getting your brain to try to back out of it to embrace simple scaling is really tough.

They also say that they’re working too hard. Working too hard looks like you writing a bunch of content, but not getting any hands raised. It looks like being on calls for ninety minutes that end with someone saying they can’t afford your offer. 

A big symptom that our clients have is that they know they’re ready to bring forward their highest-level work. A lot of times they’ve gotten to that 100K or 200K mark on their mentor’s offers or beginner offers, and they know they’re called to bring forward something that’s much bigger, so they need the vehicles and the offers for it.

They’ve also usually outgrown their old clients. They want to do something bigger. They want to bring forward bigger work for someone who’s further along on their journey. So those are some big ones to watch out for.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth! It was so much fun to finally have this deep dive and chat about simple scaling all this good stuff that we could geek out on together. If you want to connect with Elizabeth, or if you’re feeling some of these symptoms she listed, you can find all her contact information below.

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To connect with Elizabeth, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram!

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