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I am super excited to be introducing one of our preferred referral partners, Tamika. Tamika’s here because she’s brilliant, firstly, but also because she’s a muse, magician, mentor marketer, and creative. 

These are just some of the most common words that precede an introduction to Tamika; she’s also the CEO of Orisha Creative and the creator of the Nurture Matrix, a unique evergreen nurture marketing framework that’s revolutionizing the way master coaches approach social media and email marketing, generating millions in premium coaching program sales along the way.

The real reason I invited Tamika in is because I love innovation. I reached out to Tamika to bring her into our fold because we were in a summit together, and I could feel the vibe.

What she’s doing is different. It’s cool. It’s all about leveraging what you already have in place and not getting trapped on that content wheel of forever creation.

Meet Tamika!

Madeleine: So tell us a little bit about how you ended up doing this work at this time. What are some of those pivotable moments in your journey that got you here? 

Tamika: I’ve run my own business for about thirteen years now; I’d say Orisha Creative is the third iteration of my business. But I would say a pivotal moment for me, not to mention the catalyst for the Nurture Matrix, is that I spent a lot of time as content manager in these very successful, multi-six and seven figure businesses.

I was helping them come up with a messaging strategy that was going to drive enrollments, and I just felt like we were reinventing the wheel of nurturing leads over and over again, and we weren’t seeing better results. It used to frustrate me to no end. 

A lot of those clients at that time were on a traditional coaching industry launch model. At that time, it was probably a PLF or one of the traditional frameworks that we all know. 

Now, there’s a ton of content that goes into creating those types of launches. You’ve got the email sequences that might have twenty, thirty, even fifty emails that need to be created; it’s a lot of content to create, but that wasn’t the problem. The real challenge showed up after the launch; we were all burnt out because we’d already created all this content, but the next step was to head into nurturing leads with our content, because we can’t just go from launching to radio silence and then back to launching again. We have to keep nurturing leads.

Because of that, we always ended up wondering what the next thing to create would be. Meanwhile, in my inventive and innovative mind, I kept thinking, “Do we really need to create more stuff? Is there a possibility that, for those folks that came off of launch and didn’t buy, there’s actually an opportunity that if we keep nurturing leads correctly, they could be ready to buy for the next launch?”

I’ll never forget having that moment where we finished the launch, my CEO and I were both burnt out, and I said, “Let’s talk about angles for nurturing leads with our content for the next four weeks.” And both of us looked at each other and thought, “Do we need to?” We both recognized the problem at the same time.

That was the first time that I said, “Let me just think about what we’ve got already. Let me map out some messages that would keep nurturing leads coming off the launch who weren’t ready to buy yet, and I’ll pull some existing content that we have and roll it out to make it really easy for both of us.”

And we kept doing that over and over again, to the point where I realized something: there’s a way, if we spend the time upfront to really understand what messages these people who aren’t ready to buy yet need to receive and what messages can dial up their internal urgency, then we can be in a place of always having prospects anticipating the next launch. That lightbulb moment was a real game-changer for me. 

The Leaky Bucket

Madeleine: I love this so much on so many levels. Back in the day, I used to do multi-seven-figure practice management coaching for alternative healthcare practices, and one of the things that I always noticed in those practices was that everybody was always so fixated on the new lead, the new patient; meanwhile, they have a database of tens of thousands of people sitting in their patient documentation software that nobody ever paid any attention to.

Tamika: I call it the leaky bucket syndrome. You turn your funnel into a leaky bucket because you’re always chasing more traffic, more leads; meanwhile, you’ve got that bucket of 98% of those leads who weren’t ready to buy. If you’re not giving them what they need to become ready to buy, they’re going to leak out in some way, shape, or form. That leak-out might look like them opting out very soon after they’ve stepped into your list, or the leak might look like not opening emails anymore, or maybe they just sit on there; instead of stepping in and getting the transformation that they were interested and curious about, they’re hanging back because they don’t feel like they’re being seen.

Instead, you’re constantly off chasing the folks who are ready to buy rather than supporting those who are interested and building that demand, building that desire, and eventually having that conversion. 

Open Rates

Madeleine: I’m really curious about that open rate piece. What do you have to say about open rates for emails, and how do you see that change when people start implementing your framework? I’m imagining it must go up.

Tamika: Email open rates are challenging, because the recent changes to Apple privacy and that sort of thing have our open rates a little bit skewed. Users who use the Mail feature on Apple show as opened automatically, even if they weren’t touched, so it can be challenging of figure out whether our email is performing well or not. 

What I can say is that when we get really intentional about the messaging that a new prospect receives, and we make sure that the messaging that we’re sharing speaks to those conversations that they’re having with themselves as they move along the buyer’s journey, we absolutely see an increase in open rate. 

Different Methodology for Nurturing Leads

Madeleine: How is your methodology for nurturing leads different than other people that create inertia sequences, or maybe copywriters or other people that repurpose content? 

Tamika: That’s actually really interesting. A colleague of mine recently shared a repurposing agency and asked if that was what we did, and I had the opportunity to tell them no, not at all, really. When it comes to content repurposers and copywriters, it’s possible that they might understand the strategic nuance that we bring to the table when it comes to nurturing leads, but it’s not likely, because their approach is different. For content creators and repurposing agencies, their primary outcome is to figure out how to get your message in more places—which, depending on your business and your business model and your audience, could work just fine. However, it’s more likely that your ideal clients are present on a small number of platforms. They’re in just a couple of places, and rather than going wide with your message, you need to try nurturing leads by going deep instead.

Rather than trying to get them to see a million different pieces of content all over multiple channels, you want them to see content in the places where they’re showing up. 

The difference in what we do while nurturing leads is that we want to think less about how we take what we’ve got and make more out of it, and instead mine the data and figure out what messages our ideal clients really need to receive and how we can use those to take them along a journey.

Symptoms to Look For

Madeleine: What are the symptoms that visionary CEOs might have that will tell them that right now is the perfect time to hire you?

Tamika: The obvious problem is that you’re in this place where you feel like there is a content creation treadmill you’re trapped on. You’re churning out all this content and you’re not seeing results, and at this point, doing more is not doing more. So what are you missing here?

That’s a place where we’re often called in to shine a light on the blind spot. The other thing we’re pretty great with is helping folks who are already seeing solid results through their email marketing and they just can’t figure out how to get better ones.

The question that always lights me up, and the question that often the CEO is asking that can be an activator for us connecting, is when they say their monthly enrollments are at a certain number, and no matter what they seem to do, they keep getting that number. They can’t figure out how to increase it.

We’re not always the solution, because it’s going to depend on business model and goals and all  of those things, but often we are a really great solution when you’re stuck at that growth roadblock.

Thanks for Coming, Tamika!

I’m so happy Tamika took the time to share her story and her framework for nurturing leads with us! If you’re experiencing these symptoms in your business and want to bring Tamika in to help, you can find out where to connect with her below.

To connect with Tamika, you can head over to @orishacreative on Instagram. If you’re curious about how the Nurture Matrix framework functions in practice, you can visit https://www.nurturematrix.com/casestudy/!

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