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Hey there, visionaries! I am super excited to be introducing Mellissa Seaman, a really dear friend of mine. She’s a business strategist, intuitive channel, world-renowned retreat leader, sought-after media speaker, the host of the Channel Your Genius Podcast, and a Stanford-educated former business lawyer.

She’s also an adopted and ordained earth wisdom ceremonialist, a potent energy healer, and a highly regarded professional intuitive.

Mellissa bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence to guide professional women in midlife to turn their deep calling into a soul-fulfilling business. Mellissa has guided her clients to six million dollar windfalls, easy-flowing creative business strategies, and the fulfillment of the inborn supernatural powers.

You may know her as the lawyer shaman who empowers formerly corporate women at midlife to become professional wise women, respected spiritual guides, transformative teachers, and oracles of industry without losing respect, reputation or revenue.

However, what you might not know about Mellissa is that her psychic abilities woke her up during the birth of her daughter, and she has been able to talk to your spirit guides and put words to your soul’s purpose ever since. 

She is just amazing, and I cannot wait for you to hear from her. So please welcome Mellissa!

Mellissa’s Story

Madeleine: Tell us a little bit about how you ended up here. What are some of the pivotal moments on your journey that got you here? 

Mellissa: Pivotal moment number one was definitely accidentally getting psychic during the birth of my daughter. I didn’t think that was a thing, but when I gave birth to Clarisse, something huge opened up. Suddenly I was seeing spirit guides and layers of energy, and I was able to work with my invisible team. I really didn’t think that stuff existed until it happened to me. 

That was the first big pivotal moment, and it was tricky, because my community at the time was centered around my Catholic church and around my profession, and suddenly everything changed so much. I dove headlong in the other direction, ran away to the forest, and lived naked with the hippies. All of that was really great. That’s a wonderful, delicious world.

But even after spending twelve years teaching spiritual practice and learning so much, and working with my Native American mama teacher and doing so much spiritual work, I came to my second pivotal turning point. It was post-2008, sometime around 2011 or 2012, and there was this huge economic collapse. As a result of that, this million dollar project that I’d really thrown my heart and soul into utterly collapsed beneath us. We were five and a half million in, and we had another ten million promised, and the economic collapse swept all that money away. My team and I spent years trying to save that project, but in the end, we couldn’t save it. We couldn’t replace that money.

Losing that was devastating. I lost the home I thought I’d be raising my children in. I lost the career I thought I was founding for myself. And at the same time, I lost my second marriage. I found myself crawling back to San Diego and moving in with my parents (every grownup’s dream!), and realized that I’d thrown myself so much into my spiritual vision and my spiritual work that I hadn’t been very responsible with myself, with my financial situation, with my marriage, with a lot of things. 

It was a rude awakening into the other reality of life, which is that we have to be responsible grownups here. I realized I needed to bridge the gap between those two worlds, the spiritual and the corporate, or I wasn’t going to make it.

I’ve now spent seven or eight years building my online business school for intuitive people to really help people who are awakening to build a business. So I’m in the middle of turning point number three, which is where I realized how great it is to help really intuitive people start a business! 

When I bridge these two worlds, I focus on supporting women in their middle years as they’re stepping into what I call their wise woman career. For many of us, a wise woman career looks like utilizing everything that’s come before in our professional careers, as well as in our part-time hobbyist spiritual stuff, and putting those things together to create a truly visionary business that is easy enough that we will actually do it in the second half of our life.

For those of us past midlife to start this new thing, it has to be based in ease. It has to be based in our soul’s deepest calling. It has to be, because anybody who’s even getting close to menopause knows that suddenly, we just don’t have tolerance for shenanigans. We just don’t have tolerance for selling out. We just don’t have tolerance for working our asses off all the time. And on top of that, we’re done ignoring the deep calling that’s in our hearts. There is no tolerance for anything except the deep calling. 

So all in all, I help women in that situation, especially women who come from a professional corporate background, to adjust and open themselves to their wise woman path that they’re being placed on, a path where they’re being honored for their wisdom rather than their caretaking and their hamster-wheeling and their constant hard work. 

That’s why Madeleine and I do so much work together, because she does that too on the systems side, while I do it on the messaging side and the branding side and the spiritual alignment side. 

Don’t Throw The Business Out With The Bathwater

Madeleine: That is so powerful. I don’t have kids, but I do still really resonate with this idea that we are leaving the “mother” behind and we are stepping into our queendom. Because up until this point in life, as a woman, you’re still quite centered around what other people want you to do. You’re contributing to your family, your parents, your spouse, your boss, or even the clients you work with.

As younger women, we feel the responsibility to nurture so deeply that there’s definitely a tendency to over-give. So it was quite an intense initiation to step into my fifties this summer. I went through a really intense energy shift, but I definitely felt that queendom coming in and that realignment to what’s showing up for me. I love that you are helping women connect to that in an even deeper way. 

Mellissa: That’s so important right there, because at the same time us wise women end up with lower tolerance for the hamster wheel work, we also receive this deeper knowing, a cutting sort of truth, and we go, “Whoa. Do I have permission to bring this out?” Heck yes we do!

However, as part of that truth, the mistake that a lot of people make is that they think, “I’ve always been an accountant, but now I’m going to follow my spiritual calling. I’m going to throw away that old professional thing, and I’m just going to be a yoga teacher.”

Now, that lasts for a little while, because it’s such a fresh break. But eventually, you’re going to get bored like I did. You’re going to get bored if you try and throw away this big part of who you are, this whole professional respect and reputation. If you toss that out the window when you follow your spirit calling as a wise woman, you’ll end up missing the boat.

I’m glad you used the word queendom, because that is a word I like to point to in this process. We have the opportunity to step up into our thrones as wise women and to run our businesses from there, but that does not mean that we cancel out all the work we’ve put into everything that’s come before. The strategic challenge is to include it, to let it lift you into this wise woman throne.

Your past is the foundation that your new throne sits on. So you don’t just toss it out the window. 

Madeleine: I love that too, because you’re right. When you work with clients that have already had a lot of success in their lives, you can’t throw everything out.

Actually, when I see people doing that over and over again and enrolling in different coaching programs, it makes me cringe, because I’m like, “Wait a minute. You invested decades into this path, and there’s so much juice here. There’s so much goodness here.” Now, it needs to be tweaked. It needs to be adjusted a little bit to feel a hundred percent aligned, but that doesn’t mean the whole thing needs to be tossed out. But that’s hard to see for yourself, which is why it’s so important to work with people like Mellissa.

When It’s Time to Start Your Wise Woman Career

Madeleine: What are the symptoms that you find that these women in midlife may have that really tell them that now is the perfect time to connect with you?

Mellissa: One of them is if you feel like you have a split personality. You feel like you’ve got your personal life, where you do all the things that thrill you, and then you’ve got this work life that feels like a heavy, ancient burden that you’ve been carrying around for too long.

As you approach menopause and your hormones kick in, as your body literally sets you on fire with a new passion calling you from within, that split becomes less and less tolerable. And the best time to hire somebody like me is before you explode in frustration and torch your whole life. Do it before you do that, because there is a way to bring these worlds together. 

Another sign that you might need my help is if you are starting to give up. Work is not thrilling. Your body is giving you trouble. Everything just seems unpalatable, and you’re on the verge of giving up on everything.

Don’t do that. Please don’t do that. There’s something underneath that is calling to you. There’s something that wants you. Don’t give up on making money. You can still make a business that embodies what you are now and embodies what you might think of as hobbies or the loves of your life or the things that interest and fascinate you.

As a wise woman, you have intrinsic value in the wisdom you’ve accrued throughout your life. When you are lit up and turned on, you are a fount of wisdom. We need more wise women in the world. That is valuable. Don’t fall into the BS lie that if you’re pushing fifty, sixty, even seventy, that means you’re an old lady and you’ve out-aged your power. 

These are our power years. These are the years where we have the most wisdom, the most clarity, the most natural embodied authority. So if you feel called to let people pay you a lot of money for that wise woman energy, I’m here to tell you that you can do that.

Thank You, Mellissa!

Madeleine: Thank you so much, Mellissa! This was such a rich and awesome conversation. I always love sitting down with you like this. If you’re ready to step into your wise woman career, be sure to connect with Mellissa on her website!

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