The Catch-22 That Stops Scaling

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Hey there, visionaries! Today’s post is going to be short and to the point. I want to give a quick overview of the Catch-22 of scaling your business.

Why You’re Stuck

One of the biggest reasons why so many people stay stuck in the five or six figures, or even plateau out at seven figures—and are never able to scale their income, their impact, or their freedom to that next level—is that they are investing their time and energy on the wrong things. Oftentimes they know what needs to happen in the business, or they have a sense of it, but they don’t have the ability to look up from the daily functions of the business in order to pull those things off.

For instance, you may know that you need to hire more people to prep for scaling your business, because you don’t have the bandwidth to do all the things that need to get done in your business; not to mention your team is overtaxed. But you have your back against the wall because you don’t have the cash flow to hire more people.

When this happens, you end up playing this Catch-22 of trying to make a little bit extra money so you can hire the people you need, but at the same time, you may not have paid yourself or given yourself a raise for years. So even if you’re making a little bit more money, you’re just forking it over to more payroll, which is counterproductive to what you actually want to create and how you actually want to go about scaling your business.

These Catch-22s of scaling your business happen all over the place in a lot of six-figure and even seven-figure businesses, and it’s very easy for them to stop you from growing. Because when you’re stuck in the middle of doing it all and you’re busy all the time, it’s really hard to have the bandwidth to think about scaling your business strategically. You might notice the things that need to get done, but you’re rushing to keep up, so you’re not slowing down enough to take stock of the situation.

It’s really hard to think strategically about scaling your business when you’re stuck in the mire of busy work. And when you get stuck there, you may even end up losing sight of your vision for scaling your business. Your inspiration ends up fading, and you get stuck in this place of just trying to keep up with the demands that you already have on your business.

What “Scaling” Is…and Isn’t

Here’s the other issue with working on scaling your business: the term “scaling” is being used in so many places right now on social media that it’s become something of a buzzword. I’ve noticed that oftentimes, the way it’s been utilized on social media, the word “scaling” has nothing to do with what scaling your business actually looks like.

For instance, you may have invested a lot of time and money into marketing strategies and marketing tactics up to this point to really get you some serious success. And now you’re seeing these advertisements as you’re scrolling through social media about how to scale your business, and it’s all marketing tactics and marketing strategies.

That sounds good on the surface, because it’s worked for you up to this point, right? But the reality of scaling is this: if you’re already creating some momentum in your business, scaling to that next level likely will have very little to do with marketing tactics and much more to do with the fundamentals of your business structure.

So instead of worrying about more marketing strategies, you need to ask yourself this about your business: is it actually scalable?

I always pose the question this way: if your business grew by ten times overnight, what would break first? Whatever that thing is, that’s where you need to focus your energy in order to scale.

You also want to ask yourself this: are you investing in the right things like your team, your systems, and your processes in order to actually allow your business to scale without requiring you to do all the heavy lifting?

How to Escape the Catch-22 of Scaling Your Business

If you want to scale, you need to start investing in the right people, the right systems, and the right mentorships. Because once you are ready to scale, doing group masterminds on marketing or sales strategies is generally not going to take you to where you want to go.

You’re going to need customized one-on-one support with somebody who’s been in the trenches. Somebody who knows what it takes to get you where you need to go so that you can leverage the success that you already built in your business and scale it to that next-level success.

If this resonated with you and you know you’re stuck in this Catch-22, please reach out! We are here to support you and make that next-level leap not only a possibility, but practically an inevitability. 

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