Removing the Bottleneck: The Reasoning Behind Our Business Restructure

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Last week, we discussed some of the reasons behind why we took the leap from my personal brand, Madeline Wyke Silva, to a company brand: Hello 7-Figure Freedom!

Last time, I talked about this change from the client’s perspective and went over how and why our offers changed. Today, I want to bring you behind the scenes by giving you a glimpse at this through the lens of a CEO and sharing how I knew it was time for this business restructure.

As visionary CEOs, if we get stuck keeping up with the day-to-day operations in our businesses, it becomes very easy to miss these really pivotal moments in your business where everything can change in order to catapult growth. We end up trapped in hustle mode, unable to focus on growing revenue or making progress on the greater vision that we are creating.

Let’s go over some of the signs that I noticed inside my business that let me know it was time for a business restructure.

The Hints of an Impending Business Restructure

This is now our third year offering our signature Accelerator program to our clients.

The first year, it was primarily me giving a lot of hands-on coaching, working with and on my clients’ businesses, and helping them propel growth and find ways to scale faster and easier. One of the things that I noticed in that first year was that sometimes there were places where they were not implementing what I was teaching them because they were spread too thin.

After taking note of that, last year we decided to hire project managers that actually worked for our company, but we placed them in our clients’ businesses so they could actually do a lot of the implementation of the strategies that we developed during our strategy calls with our clients. So instead of having to do all the implementing themselves, our clients paid an hourly rate to have our project managers take over for them.

It sounded great on paper; however, by the end of the year, I noticed that the lines got a bit muddled—both on the side of the clients and on the side of the project managers.

Instead of working on the strategic projects that we were spearheading in our clients’ businesses to help them scale, our project managers ended up getting pulled into projects that the clients felt were more important.

That might not seem like a bad thing, let alone a reason for a business restructure, because obviously those project managers are there to support our clients. But sometimes, us visionary CEOs are so close to our own businesses that we don’t necessarily see what needs to happen in the business to really grow it. That’s why people hire us, so we can point out those blind spots and fill them in.

When the project managers got pulled off the projects that were actually going to help our clients’ businesses scale and instead ended up working on projects that would keep them stuck in the status quo, it only slowed our clients’ growth further.

On the client side, there was also a bit of a mismatch; they didn’t want to invest too much time in the product managers, because they knew the project managers were only going to be there temporarily. And at the same time, over a couple of months, the product managers felt like they were part of our clients’ teams rather than ours.

When all of this started happening, I realized that this might not be the best solution after all. So we needed to reconsider our options and come up with a better solution for our clients to get faster results and overcome the areas where they have become bottlenecks in terms of  their business’s growth.

What we ended up deciding during this business restructure was that we were still going to provide project managers and installation teams, but they would no longer be working with our clients’ businesses.

Instead, they’re now going to be working behind the scenes, building the structures while we are hiring the people that our clients need to run the business. Once that’s done, we’ll then hand off those structures to the new people we’ve hired. This way, everything stays within the client’s business, and we’re just in there working alongside them. We’re going to be working in much more of a behind-the-scenes capacity than we have in the past.

Big Goals, Big Changes

The other thing that encouraged me to look into a business restructure? The fact that our current structure was not sufficient to support my big visionary goals for the upcoming year. I want to grow my business to three times what it currently is over the next year. We want to triple it in 2023. That’s our mission.

 Last year, we could only take on about fifteen clients at a time. So obviously, if we want to take on forty-five clients this year, something has to change. We would never reach that goal without a business restructure.

While considering where we needed to restructure things, it came to my attention that I’d started to become the bottleneck in a lot of places myself; because only I knew how to do many of the things involved in working with our clients and delivering the results we promised, I was limiting our ability to scale to what I could handle as one person. I hadn’t yet distilled the process into SOPs that I could hand off to any of my team members. Therefore, going into this business restructure, I needed to systematize a lot of our delivery so that some of our clients can now be supported by my team just as well as me.

I love working with clients, and I’m not going to stop doing that at all. They’re always going to receive that strategic support that I provide, and I’m always available on the Voxer channels for clients. But at the same time, if I am the only person that can help them ever, then that means they may not get the support that they really need when they need it. My team can handle their questions much faster, and they’ll be able to get faster results and a faster response rate.

Are YOU Ready to Start Scaling?

Now you’ve gotten to see the behind-the-scenes of the rebrand and our business restructure, both from my perspective and the perspective of the clients. Not only do you now have an idea of what to look for in your own businesses to spot when it’s time for a business restructure, but also how we adjusted our method in order to remove the bottleneck and really drive the scalability of our clients’ businesses with more speed, more ease, and more flow.

As I said, we are looking to triple our business this year. I would love to know what you are up to in your business, and if you are ready to scale with more ease and more fun, then please reach out! Let’s have a chat. We would absolutely love to support you.

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