Time to Stop Hustling: Getting to the Next Level

Getting to the next level
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Today I want to talk about some of the reasons you might not be able to scale to the next level in your business. The things that are keeping you stuck might not be what you think—if you are a multi-six-figure business owner looking to scale to seven figures, or a multi-seven-figure business owner and looking to scale to eight figures, there are some very similar pieces that stop you from getting to the next level in new businesses. One of them is something I call the “hustle growth model.”

The Hustle Growth Model

The hustle growth model is a method of growing your business where you are doing tons of outreach and tons of marketing to get your message out into the world. Now, make no mistake…this definitely results in an influx of new sales. However, that means that delivery speed goes up, your team gets maxed out, and you have to oftentimes jump in to help out.

As a result of having to put your time and effort into the day-to-day of your business, you’re no longer out there really hustling and putting your name out there and being visible in the world. Cashflow drops, growth slows down, and where does that leave you? You’re now back to active outreach and putting your marketing message out there to work on getting to the next level.

This becomes the cycle you fall into over and over and over again while working toward getting to the next level, which creates the rollercoaster cash flow situation. That rollercoaster looks like this: you have amazing, unprecedented months where you have huge growth. Then it slows back down, and you have some really deep dips following the highs in your business. If you find yourself riding that cash flow rollercoaster over and over, it’s most likely because you are stuck in the hustle growth model.

This happens both at seven figures and six figures. It might look a tiny bit different, but it’s a similar pattern: the capacity of your business ends up equaling your personal capacity to keep it running. While working on getting to the next level, you have to wrap your arms around this big business that you’ve built and hustle to keep up with the day-to-day, making sure that you’re not dropping balls all over the place.

This is an incredibly exhausting way to get stuck in your business. It’s also what keeps you unable to figure out getting to the next level. If you’ve achieved multiple six figures and you wanna grow to seven figures, staying stuck in the hustle growth model will also keep you stuck at that level.

Getting to the next level

Not Getting to the Next Level? This is Why

If you’ve been stagnant in your growth for the last several years, it’s most likely because of this. The hustle growth model is showing up in your business in one capacity or another; you never feel as though you have enough time. Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough support. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re bringing in enough money consistently to make getting to the next level a reality.

Not having enough support and not having enough time are directly correlated to not being able to receive the amount of money that you’re looking for in your business. At this point, most CEOs end up looking at tactical solutions to fix the problem.

Now, tactics are not usually very helpful for getting to the next level, especially if you install them before you have an overarching strategy. I would also say this: if you are at multiple six figures and are working toward getting to the next level, there are already tons of things that you are doing right in your business. You don’t have to start building from the ground up. You’ve already put a lot of systems in place. You’ve already put a lot of automations in place. You’ve already figured out what your marketing and sales and offers are going to be. You have a lot of the building blocks in your business just right at this point of growth.

At this level of success in business, if your hope is getting to the next level, you’re not required to do a complete overhaul. Instead, I suggest tweaking specific things to make that next-level growth possible.

Now, the challenge here is when you’re stuck in this hustle growth model in your business, you might have blinders on in terms of seeing what actually needs to be tweaked for getting to the next level. Instead, you look at things that have helped you in the past, because at this point you have a tremendous track record to review what really made a difference in your business. You go back to paths you’ve tread before, because they’ve also given you great results before. But this can keep you from realizing which pieces in your business actually need a little bit of tweaking and a little bit of optimization. Let me share a little bit of what we do in the 7 Figure Freedom method that is helpful for getting to the next level.

Tweaking, Not Tossing

Now again, getting to the next level is about tweaking. When we come in, we’re not tossing out your offers and starting over. We’re looking at little changes, and that involves looking at a few different modules…


Most of our clients add an extra $100,000-$300,000 in the wealth module of getting to the next level because of the small tweak that we do, and they do that within the first ninety days. We look at that first to generate the amount of income that you need to reinvest in your business. That way, you can finally peel your back away from the wall and stop feeling so cornered as you’re getting to the next level.


 The next thing that we look at when working toward getting to the next level is integration. Here, we tweak a few things in what we are delivering and the sales process and the offers we’re making.

We want to take a good look at the workflows and the processes, structuring your business in a way that supports the delivery. What I find many, many business owners end up doing is that as they’re growing their business, they start fixing little things that break down or a little hole they notice in the procedures. But what I find is that systems get clunky over time, so all of the sudden you end up with a manual system that may be taking ten or twelve steps to do with three different team members that could be fully automated or done in two steps by one team member with some dedicated tweaking.

Because CEOs are so busy just delivering on the day-to-day of the business, we don’t necessarily have the space and time to slow down and take stock of these clunky systems. Instead, we patch them right in the moment. We don’t have time to really deep-dive and solve the bigger issues underneath.

Once we tweak this, it will really increase the capacity on your team and the capacity in your business.


The next thing we need to look at to help you with getting to the next level is support. I find a direct correlation between the capacity for income and the capacity of the CEO to be able to receive support.

If you’ve built your business to this point, you already have some support on your team. You’ve probably hired tons of different coaches and experts and different support people that have stepped in, but as you were able to receive that support, how supported did you truly feel? Were you still waking up in the middle of the night worrying over the business? How much support were you able to let in? How often were you actually able to trust and empower people to take on the bigger pieces of your business, letting them really drive that growth for you so that it’s not all on your shoulders?

When we are looking at support, we are looking at whether you really have the right people in the right roles. We assess your current team, but we also look at the roles that we need to hire for and how we prepare for them. We want to make sure that we have outlined the standard operational procedures for that position so it’s really easy for your new hires to start adding value from day one. We also have a training protocol that we guide them through and a new-hire evaluation process for the person training them.

This way, we build in checks and balances for the CEO. Just because you’ve made room for support to extend your own capacity doesn’t mean that you should completely take your eyes off  of your business and trust somebody else to handle it, right? We have to have some checks and balances in place, but it should be in the form of your team reporting back to you, not you chasing after your team and trying to figure out if everything was taken care of.

The Flow of Growth

If you’ve managed a wealth module, you’ve gone through integration, and you’ve dealt with support, you will naturally have the capacity to grow. All of the sudden, your business will start growing—almost like a vacuum.

The natural thing that happens here is something I call the “flow state” of the business. Once these three pieces—wealth, integration, and growth—have been tweaked just right, what starts happening is that the expansion happens naturally, and that is a really big thing. That’s what we’re looking for.

Now, when this is all in place, the beautiful thing that’s happening is that the natural expression of your business becomes freedom. Freedom for the CEO, financial freedom to be able to reinvest in your business, freedom to create a legacy…even time freedom, meaning that you can step away from your business without losing momentum or losing income, and that your business can truly run and grow under the supervision of your team.

Wrapping Up…With a Surprise Announcement!

Now you know the three factors to tweak in order to free yourself up for getting to the next level of scaling you want to see in your business…and before I sign off, I have something super exciting to share with you.

Starting now, or very soon, we’re about to launch a whole new website in November. And when we do this, we’re actually going to start breaking our offer down.

In the past, we’ve only sold the whole enchilada. The whole big thing. That’s a year-long program, and yes, it takes some dedication. Even though it’s a done-for-you program where we give a lot of support to help you implement these pieces, they of course still require some time from you as the CEO to make sure it gets done. And besides that, there’s obviously a big price tag attached to it because it’s such a hands-on offer.

What we’re going to do is break this offer down so that you can buy each step as an individual install into your business. So you could just buy the wealth module, or you could just buy integration to help with your operations and your systems and your workflows, or if you only need help with your support and evaluating your current team, you can do that too. With this, you can go through all three of these modules at your own pace, at a much more approachable price bracket, and still get phenomenal results.

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Are you wondering if you’re ready to take the next step in your business? Curious about whether you’re a good fit for our services? Take the free business assessment quiz to find out! And if you want to learn more, you can visit my website or schedule a call with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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