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Hello there, visionaries! Today, I thought that I would answer some frequently asked questions that I get. These are the kind of questions I get from colleagues, or if I’m a guest on somebody else’s podcast or summit.

To Answer Your Questions…

I have three questions that I’m going to answer today. Let’s get started.

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Why Do Operations Matter?

First of all, to answer your questions about operations, let’s start with this: what is the big deal with the whole operations piece of business, and why bother with it? It seems really boring.

So one of the things I want to talk about to answer your question is why this is such an unsexy topic, right? Why is operations, a huge part of the magic that actually gets you to seven figures, considered so unsexy yet so important?

Now, before I answer your question here, maybe you already know you need to do something about systems and workflow and operations, but it’s not really what you want to spend your time doing. It seems like this monstrosity of a project, so why even do it in the first place?

To answer your question, it really comes down to is this: you know how we always talk about how you need to embody the next-level growth? You need to get into your body about what it would feel and look like, and actually be there to earn that seven-figure business. We also talk a lot about the mindset that is required to get there and the energetics around it. And the truth is that operations is actually the thing that allows you the spaciousness to tap into the energetics and the mindset, and it gives you a sense of peace. There’s no way that hustling hard, working around the clock, and just trying to keep the plates spinning and being in the weeds in your business, working day out and day in, that you have the bandwidth to actually feel the vibe of that next-level growth. All of those things that you are doing and spending all your time doing keep you away from actually tapping into the energetics and the vibration and the spaciousness that you truly need to get to that next level.

So to answer your question fully, the cool thing about operations and team and the stuff that we implement into your business over here is that it gives you the time and space to feel the vibration and energetics that you need. It removes the barriers from you, gets you out of being in the middle of your business 24/7, and allows you to achieve an amazing workflow. When you have a team that follows your operations perfectly and deliver amazing results for your clients without you having to micromanage or be part of the process or run into rescue projects because they go sideways, it puts your whole business—and you, as the CEO of it—in flow.

The Truth About Scaling

To answer your questions about scaling, let me say this: there are very few people who actually teach operations and teams how to truly scale your business up to the next level, so there are very few people to answer your questions about this. Luckily, I can.

The word “scaling” is deeply misused these days, which makes it harder for others to answer your questions, as well. It’s being used in many weird ways, but to answer your question as best I can, scaling is really all about making sure that you have the capacity to grow, which is really what operations and building the right team do for you. It puts the building blocks in a place where your vision can multiply effortlessly because there’s this foundation in place that can hold it all.

Why You Need to Change the Way You Hire

To answer your questions about hiring, let me say this: the other thing that oftentimes trips us up is that we hire people like us, or when we hire people who are different from us, we wish that they were more like us. We often have the expectation that our team members should somehow anticipate our needs and that they should be just as invested in our business as we are, which in reality is a little bit unrealistic.

You are the visionary, and in reality, you don’t want a bunch of visionaries in your business. You want people who are going to be able to get the day-to-day work done and actually enjoy it. That’s a totally different mindset. It’s a totally different personality. It’s a totally different person who loves doing some of the nitty-gritty work in your business day out and day in, but there are plenty of people out there that actually would be so excited to do that work, and really feel like they’re contributing to something great.

When we hire people like us or people that we wish were more like us, we get in our own way of developing a team that can actually run the business for us, a team that actually has our back. And we want people that complement us, that can do the things that we don’t do very well and can fill in the gaps. What usually trips people up and stops them from being able to scale at the rate they should is usually that the team is not very well balanced.

To fully answer your question, the other part of this is that oftentimes, as visionaries, we love to talk our vision out and talk to people and collaborate. That’s really what I call a “brains” thing. To expand and answer your question fully, when you’re looking at your team, you need brains and you need hands. The brains are the people that really make the strategic decisions. They are the visionaries. They see the bigger picture, they are looking at problems and can troubleshoot them, and they have that strategic mindset of how to troubleshoot things and fix things and move things forward.

“Hands” are people that just love doing the work. They love doing their repetitive step-by-step work and getting things done. They’re very methodical. They’re very linear. They do the task in front of them.

What happens a lot of times is that as visionary CEOs, we end up hiring a lot of brains so that we can have strategic brainstorming sessions with those brains. It really helps us to move the business forward and communicate with everybody. But what it also creates is that most of the time, why so many six-and-seven-figure business owners are still struggling with paying their bills and getting ahead in the business is because they have too many brains on a team and not enough hands. And because they have so many brains on a team, they oftentimes are overpaying for services, so the brains are having to do the more repetitive tasks and something that you can pay entry-level salary range for, you are paying a top salary for instead. I see that all the time.

Now You Have Your Answers!

I hope this was an insightful answer to some of the things that trip you up when you’re thinking about scaling your business and why it might be a challenge to you. These are the most common questions that I get asked, so I hope these answers are useful to you moving forward in your business. See you again soon.

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