Stepping into Leadership: Taking Responsibility

Stepping into leadership
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Hello, and welcome back! Today I want to talk about one of the most important ingredients that really sets the seven-figure and eight-figure business owners apart from six-figure business owners. By incorporating this ingredient, you can become the steward of a much bigger impact, way more revenue, and a bigger team, and start stepping into leadership over a larger audience with grace and ease.

The ingredient I’m talking about? Radical responsibility.

What is Radical Responsibility?

Radical responsibility means that there’s no more blaming your setbacks on the economy, worrying about inflation or changes to the algorithm that cause our ads to be less lucrative, or tapping into the wrong type of clients and complaining about the clients not showing up the way they should.

Radical responsibility means we take 100% responsibility for our choices, circumstances, and outcomes as the CEO. Instead of feeling wrong, traumatized, or challenged when we are held responsible for the choices we are making or the consequences of those choices. We acknowledge that the choice may have not been the best, but we take responsibility for that and how things turned out in the end.

Stepping into leadership

Taking Responsibility for Your Investments

If seven-figure and eight-figure businesspeople realize they invested in the wrong mentor, the wrong course, or the wrong tactic, they still complete their payment agreements, but they follow it up by finding another solution that is more aligned…without blaming their choices on the mentor, the course creator, or the person that sold them or recommended the tactic. There’s no need for that. We take full responsibility for completing the payment agreement that we made. Personally, if I’ve signed an agreement, I will stick with it. Last year I paid for a whole year of a business mentor, stepped into their container, and in the very first two to three weeks, I realized it was totally the wrong choice for me. There was a total mismatch with the leadership style that this mentor was conducting herself. It didn’t feel honoring. It didn’t feel like she was really leading from a place of strength. I immediately decided to step out of that container, and I didn’t even get a dime back, even though I prepaid for the whole year. Even though they actually have a refund policy within the first month, I fulfilled my obligation and then invested in other things for my business that same year. Right. I turned around, I found something better suited for me, and I moved on.

Stepping into Leadership Over Your Team

Another area where you need to start taking radical responsibility is with your team.

Multi-seven-figure and eight-figure business owners who are really stepping into leadership are also very comfortable giving feedback to their team members and course-correcting them. They don’t shy away from adjusting the expectations and coaching and really asking for what they need from their team.

What I often see in the five-figure, six-figure range is that a lot of times, rather than stepping into leadership over their team, the CEOs are afraid of what the team members are going to think of them. They’re afraid of dealing with somebody being defensive and resentful. So rather than sit down and actually explain their expectations to the team member, they instead walk around complaining about the team member not performing at a certain level or some annoying little habit they have or something that they keep missing. They’re upset about it and they’re complaining about it, but they do nothing about it. They actually do not communicate what they want to that team member, which is really unfair to the team member, because the team member isn’t a mind-reader. They don’t know how you really feel and how you really think. So if you don’t tell them, they don’t have an opportunity to show up the way you want them to. They don’t have an opportunity to be the best they can be in your business and truly contribute to your vision. This isn’t stepping into leadership; this is stopping short.

The other thing that multi-seven-figure and eight-figure business owners do differently while stepping into leadership is that when they hire and train team members, they set expectations of checks and balances in place. They should set expectations of how they want work to be done. They should set expectations of how to communicate with them and expectations for the volume of work that they want a team member to conduct. When you start creating a culture like that within your company, everybody in your company starts rising up.

The Importance of Building a Core Team

As the CEO of a large organization, even when working on stepping into leadership, it’s possible that you don’t have the bandwidth to be getting in front of every single team member to regularly give them coaching.

In that case, you need to rely on your core team or the leaders of your team. When new hires come in, my core team trains them, reviews them, supports them, and really holds them accountable to that vision and to that radical responsibility in our company culture. When you have a core team that can embody the kind of team that you want, they set the bar high for anybody new coming into your team. We are in the process of restructuring and hiring a bunch of new team members, and my team will onboard them, train them, and get them really situated inside our company. That’s exactly what we want the team to be responsible for. So as you are growing your company and you can’t have facetime with every single team member, but you still want to commit to stepping into leadership, this is how you integrate them in a very structured way. If you, as the leader of your business, do not practice radical responsibility in stepping into leadership and supporting your team, what starts happening energetically is that you cut the legs off your core team members that are keeping your team accountable. They cannot enforce something that you as a CEO is not willing to stand behind, and you will undermine their authority over your business and your team if you don’t support them in this way.

I hear a lot of CEOs sometimes say, “Oh, I’m not a good manager.” This is really not about management. It’s about accountability and radical responsibility and stepping into leadership. Stepping into leadership in this way is critical for you to also step into true freedom in your business and also running your business with so much more ease. Imagine if all the things that come at you every day didn’t send you off the deep end every single time. Imagine if you didn’t have the emotional rollercoaster to ride all the time, but instead could stay super steady and present.

It’s Time to Start Stepping Into Leadership…

So this is what radical responsibility and stepping into leadership looks like. I hope this has shed some light on some of the energetics of what it takes to really lead at a much bigger, better level. Suppose there’s one thing that you can do right now to level up. In that case, the best thing is to start cultivating radical responsibility in every aspect of your business and life and watch how money opportunities and referrals begin to flow with ease. As you are showing up, if you want other people to see you and feel you in a certain way, you have to really start stepping into leadership. You have to actually show up bigger. That is one of the boldest things you can do for your business, and it’s definitely the energy of saying, “I’m all in. I’m claiming this.”

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