Common Sales Mistakes That are Keeping You From Turning Leads Into Clients

sales mistakes
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“If I only had more leads”…then what? You’d have more reach? More business? More success? I hear from my own clients all the time how if they could only drum up more leads, they wouldn’t struggle so much with their sales.

If this sounds familiar, I can see why you might feel that way, and you’re not alone. 

You’re also wrong.

So many people blame the lack of prospects when in reality you’re struggling with the prospects you do have. If this is the case, more potential clients won’t help you, If you are consistently making sales mistakes, no amount of customers will make up for that.

You don’t need more leads; you need to turn more leads into clients. You need to get better at selling and actually closing the deal. 

sales mistakes

Sales- a Lesson in Discomfort

A lot of people, clients I work with and people I know, despise sales. They actively avoid sales, and assume they’re dismal at them. 

You’re not bad at sales- you’ve just never learned how to make them properly. In the latest episode of the podcast I’ll be laying out some of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to sales, and I’ll help you learn new ways to connect with your customers and close the deal so that both you and they can grow in the ways you were all meant to.

You’ve also come to view sales as something to be feared and/or avoided, when really you should see them as an opportunity to connect with your clients and further assist them on their journey with you. Beefing up your sales techniques doesn’t mean you have to take on the role of a desperate salesman in a car lot (in fact I really rather you didn’t). It means that if you correct yourself and your techniques, sales will just be another tool in your toolbelt to help you serve your clients in a better, more comprehensive way where they feel seen, supported, and cared for.

What are These Mistakes You Speak Of?

Let’s get right down to it- here are the most common sales mistakes I see:

  1. You’re not listening enough: If you’re not listening enough, you’re going to miss both the obvious issues your client has, as well as the more subtle nuances within the subtext of your interactions.. You’re also going to miss who they really are, and the ways they might actually be contributing to their own problems in life. Being fully present will not only make the client feel more seen, but it will also clue you into things they might not even be aware of in terms of the work you could do together.
  1. Coaching too much too soon: If you come in too hot, and  step into the coaching arena without laying a proper foundation, and establish a working relationship with parameters,  you’re starting to solve problems that your potential client can’t even see. This is when you start losing them because you’re talking about things that they are not yet aware of. They don’t know it’s your job as a coach to identify problems they might be blind to- they just feel unseen and unheard.  Instead of prattling off what you think they need, meet them where they’re at in the moment.
  1. Clients taking control of the call:  It’s really important that you are leading the conversation and you’re taking clients through a process, not a transformation;  a step by step process so that they feel like there is a starting point and an endpoint. You’re planting the seeds to encourage them to embark on a journey with you, but you undermine your own expertise and authority if you start allowing them to inform you of your process. 
  1. Thinking you need money at the end of an intro call:  Initially, a first sales call is like a first date. You’re both gathering information to see if a partnership would be a good fit. Nothing makes this process feel disingenuous like pitching hard for monetary promises at the end. Instead focus on ensuring your clients gain more clarity about your process and why it’s a good fit for them.  Your commitment in this moment is to highlight how your insight will enhance their lives and help them feel empowered and supported. Calm down, if you succeed in the latter, the sale will close itself.

Lay that Groundwork: The Bottomline

You should never be attempting to convince someone to work with you. Chances are if you have to force it, you’ll be forcing it the entire way because the client didn’t come to the conclusion you were a good fit on their own. 

To do this, again you have to ensure your process is less about closing a deal and more about establishing a working relationship with the client where they feel comfortable and supported to embark on a new journey. 

Don’t overwhelm them with all the steps you know they need to take- they’re probably not aware of half of them. Instead, tease the possibilities you know they’re capable of, and truly listen to what they say they want and need. Reconcile those terms with what you know they need, and above all remember that your job is to help people. That’s the goal. 

Never forget, you don’t get paid because you’re a slick salesperson. You get paid to change lives, and you’re good at it. The sales themselves will follow your quality of work. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t remedy these common sales mistakes to bring in ideal clients for your business. 

Let’s move forward together – you’ll love this newfound freedom in your business and life.

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

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