Are You Fulfilling Your CEO Job Duties? How to Avoid Frustration & Micro-Managing

CEO job duties
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In today’s post, I’m getting into what the responsibility of a CEO actually is. Believe it or not, this is something that many CEOs miss, which causes turmoil for them and their business. 

This affects a CEOs ability to delegate effectively and to avoid micromanaging. It also makes it possible to hire an operations manager or project manager that will actually be successful and effective in your business. So let’s talk about how you can tap into your true job description as a CEO and reap the benefits of doing so.

CEO job duties

Frustration & Micromanaging 

I have often seen CEOs become frustrated because their team isn’t able to implement ideas at the level of quality that they would expect. Because of that, they resort to micromanaging.

The CEO of a company is really the energy and energy of the business. That means that as CEO, you need spaciousness to take on growth. Failing to create that is detrimental to the business because it will prohibit growth and scaling.

In short, it leads to you as CEO being maxed out and at capacity. There won’t be bandwidth to take things on, really stalling your growth and the ability to meet your goals. 

Let’s talk about why this happens and – more importantly – what you can do about it.

Getting Clear on Your Vision as CEO

This really happens because a CEO isn’t clear on their vision for the company. If you’re changing direction all the time, it prevents you from really leading your team and they will end up confused and not taking action at all.

That means that it’s really important to be clear on the vision. Not doing so will lead to the CEO having to overcompensate to fix things. That makes defining the vision of the business the number one description for the CEO.

Keeping Your Team Accountable 

The next part of a CEO’s job description is to hold your team accountable to the vision that you so clearly defined. Do this by creating clear agreements via policies and procedures (P&Ps) and an employee handbook.

These materials outline how people show up for your business and what’s expected of them. It’s all about how you should treat each other and your clients and dictates what constitutes excellence. 

You should present these materials to your team members and have them agree to conduct themselves in the outlined fashion. From there, it’s easy to manage people to meet those agreements.

This takes the personal element out of it, preventing people from being shamed and blamed. Instead, you’re giving them the opportunity to do things the right way. Essentially, you’ll begin managing agreements and not people.

A Team to Build Out SOPs

From there, your team can build out SOPs as they’re actually doing the tasks. Having these will create consistency and redundancy and they’ll be a true asset for your business. SOPs are all about how you deliver the level of service that’s expected without employees if they’re absent or leave the company. 

It’s so important to operate at the high standard you’ve created, and SOPs ensure this is the case.

Bringing in an Ops Manager

Once all of these elements come together, you can bring in an operations manager to step in and help you run your team and business. This will be an integrator that can keep the team accountable via the developed agreements.

I help my clients with this, especially when it comes to bringing in a project manager to mobilize the team and make them self-managing, which is the best thing a CEO can have happen within their business.

Empower Your Team: The Bottom Line

Following these steps and tapping into your true job description as CEO means that your time will be freed up and you’ll be able to stay in your zone of genius. Your team members want to do a phenomenal job for you, but you need to show them how to and empower them to step up and bring your vision to life.

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

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