Entrepreneur Elayne Kalila Shares How the 7-Figure Freedom Method Can Help Understand What’s Real, Beat Decision Fatigue, & Know Your Worth as a Visionary

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I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my clients, Elayne Kalila. She’s an entrepreneur, priestess, and power woman making changes in the world by facilitating transformations for 80,000 people, spanning 167 different countries. She’s an absolute powerhouse, and we’ve done some great work together, which I am excited to dive into below.

Elayne’s Business Before Our Work Together

Before we started working together, Elayne ran her business for eight years, acting as a “start-up” for a long time. She was utterly at capacity and was wearing all the hats. She needed to step out of doing everything and streamline her systems, but she didn’t have the power to look at things and reevaluate things that weren’t doing well. Because she was so maxed out, she was stuck, unable to do any more.

Elayne had been cultivating mentors within her programs but hadn’t allowed them to do the work she was doing yet. The issue was that she couldn’t give up that level of control because she was so attached to what she had created. She realized that once she built the other pieces of her business, though, she didn’t need the mentors to do that piece always.

Elayne’s Mindset Shift

So what has Elayne experienced since we started working together? She has undergone a fundamental mindset shift. She began knowing that she had to shift her role shortly after she started working with me. Once we started getting into it, she learned that a natural leader isn’t necessarily in front of everyone at the head of the line. Instead, she had to lead from the center. 

That meant pulling her focus and energy to the center of the business and allowing it to permeate and enable others to take their rightful position. This has also empowered everyone to remember the essence of who they are and shine brightly within it. Powerful, right?

Stepping Into Abundance 

Our work together has also allowed Elayne to step into abundance. She had almost hesitant to do this, as many transformational leaders in the space want to make a difference in the world. She had also experienced a glass ceiling in her community that people in her industry couldn’t have higher-end programs. 

But, she freed up the abundance of her energy to serve at a deeper level. She wanted to work this way with fewer people but didn’t have the time, space, or energy to do it. She was able to reallocate the money to create scholarships for entry-level programs, which was her dream as a philanthropist by nature.

Elayne had always had the mindset that to make a good living, she had to work hard. This came from her hard-working family that didn’t tolerate laying around and focused on working and being productive. Her values told her that she had to commit to what you’re doing and be grounded in that 100%. But, she’s now realized that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone to make a good living. What a fantastic takeaway!

More Fluidity and Clarity

Thanks to our work together, Elayne has also gained a lot of fluidity and clarity in her business. She needed the mirroring that we have provided her and the alternate point of view. Because of that, she’s realigning. Her vision of her business is now that revenue will flow through to reach more women and be a more abundant organization. 

The fluidity for her comes in terms of time and her schedule. She has so much more spaciousness now to address things, which has been tremendous.

A Helpful Sounding Board

Elayne also discussed that working with me and my team helped her realize how lonely she’d been as an entrepreneur. She’d be suffering from decision fatigue. She loves having a sounding board to get feedback on what she’s doing. She’s always thinking up her next thing and doesn’t always slow down and take time to soak in what she’s accomplished. But getting affirmation from my team and me and reflecting on what she’s created has helped her better understand her worth and value.

Get Unstuck: The Bottom Line

When I asked Elayne what she’d tell someone to consider working with me, she said she had been nervous about investing in the program at first, but she knew she needed the help. She resigned for another year with us and noted that it was a total no-brainer.

She said, ” Do you want to spend another year being stuck and feeling the way you do right now? If you have a viable vision, think about what it would feel like to be sustained. You can work with me to achieve your basic, luxury, and legacy financials. There is a stretch involved in the next level of evolution – so reach out and embrace it.

As Elayne put it, there’s magic afoot! Tune in to episode 5 of the Flip the Freedom Switch podcast to hear my entire conversation with this outstanding entrepreneur.

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