Building a Strong Team and Increasing Your Business Efficiency Through Systems and Processes

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The topic of today’s post revolves around the fact that what you believe to be a team problem is often actually a systems issue. Building great systems and a rock star team will allow your business to run without you productively and efficiently. The need to micromanage your team and make them feel lost, pressured or stressed will diminish, making everyone happier. The truth is that poor communication and missed deadlines usually seem like people problems. In reality, it’s an issue with your systems.

A Business Like Chipotle

Does it sound crazy to say that you should strive to operate your business like Chipotle to have a successful business? Because honestly, it’s the truth. They have a system that allows their team to work well together. The food business isn’t easy, but their profits were 22 percent per store on average last year, whereas average restaurant profits are three to five percent.

But the efficiency that Chipotle has instilled is what makes them profitable. They limit their waste to maximize profits and run their business like a conveyor belt no matter who does what job. The system turns all employees into a chef. This is the power of a company that can run successfully no matter who is behind the wheel. Their systems and processes make them successful – it’s as simple as that.

You’re probably thinking, what does this matter to my business? Well, procedures and workflows can make you successful and effective. It ensures that anyone can step in and run your business. Let’s dive deeper into that below.

Giving Your Team What They Need to Be Successful: The Bottom Line

Your team needs systems and guardrails to support its growth. Many CEOs just multiply the clunky systems from their start-up business model and keep adding to them. But as things break down, you and your team members will just fix them on the fly. That means you’ll be taking many more steps than needed and managing these systems very manually. This results in productivity loss, more room for error, people jumping from task to task, and job descriptions that are too broad.

Our accelerator program focuses on building these needed guardrails and systems for you. In essence, we create a front-end system that eliminates a back-end hassle. We’ll go slow to go fast, allowing us to slow down enough to drill into the processes and systems that exist in your business. We’ll identify bottlenecks, eliminate capacity blocks, and will enable you to grow naturally, efficiently, and effortlessly.

Eliminating the step-by-step and building efficient workflows to drive growth will cause your business to accelerate rapidly and effortlessly. Sound good? Listen to episode 6 of the Flip the Freedom Switch limited podcast series and set up a time for us to talk about your business needs.

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