The 7-Figure Difference: Methods that Will Facilitate Your Unique Journey to Success

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I want to discuss why the things you’ve done to scale your business and get out from under your long to-do list haven’t worked so far and why the 7 Figure Freedom DOES work. The key is that small shifts in your business will create tangible results.

And to be frank, achieving results is the most important thing you do in your business. My team and I eliminate obstacles entrepreneurs experience, allowing our clients to receive a return on their investment and simultaneously feel supported.

Our goal is to ALWAYS blow our clients away, and we have a strong passion for supporting entrepreneurs. I understand how lonely it can feel for visionaries as they pursue their passion and run their business. In my experience working with CEOs and visionaries, I’ve come to detect patterns. One of those patterns is five distinct mistakes I see CEOs making as they try to overcome roadblocks they’re experiencing in their business. I will discuss them each in greater detail below.

Hiring Different Experts

Many CEOs end up hiring different experts across different areas of their business. These are people like accountants, paid media campaign managers, etc. This means that so many different people become involved with the business, and information is coming at CEOs from all angles. They then need to filter and decipher this information, and the pieces of information they receive can end up conflicting, which prevents action. 

Enrolling in Group Coaching Programs

Many CEOs end up enrolling in a group coaching program, seeking mentorship. The problem here is that they need individualized support to really zero in on how they can manage their business specifically. It’s hard to get that from a group coaching program, and then when they try to apply their learnings from the program, it just ends up being a time suck.

Modeling the Actions of Others

This is another common mistake made by entrepreneurs. They end up modeling what someone else is doing, and the problem is that those actions aren’t a fit for who they are. Those actions fit the person they’re modeling, not them. They end up acting in a way that’s not aligned with who they are and how they naturally work. It’s so essential to instead build on their own personal strengths.

Hiring an Online Business Manager  

The next issue I have seen repeatedly is hiring an online business manager. There are tons of these out there who will say they will help you organize your business and manage your team. But, they’ve never actually done that for themselves, and they don’t know how to run a proper operations system. To be honest, these individuals are usually just a glorified social media managers and virtual assistants. They cannot effectively rework your business and help it scale.

Hiring an In House COO

Another hiring mistake I often see is hiring an in-house COO to step in and run the business. These individuals often come from corporate backgrounds but don’t understand your business model. This is because small businesses have smaller budgets and sometimes need to get gritty to get things done. There’s not a linear command structure and unlimited budget in these cases. The COO needs to be adaptable and able to pivot quickly. These COOs usually have a hard time fixing issues, even if they’re good at diagnosing them.

The 7 Figure Freedom Difference: The Bottom Line 

You’re probably wondering what my team and I do differently to bring your business to success. It’s normal to feel skeptical, but we do things differently to create excellent results. The first thing we do differently is audit your business so that we can find what’s going right and what’s not. To do this, we go all in and partner with our clients to provide an elevated level of support. We care about your vision and results just as much as you do!

The other thing we do differently is implement it for you. We stick around to install the changes and systems in your business to ensure everything goes smoothly and you’re not on your own. You must have that support to see these changes through. 

Finally, we align. At the core of everything we do, we make sure everything aligns with you and your vision. We account for how you’re uniquely wired and build on your strengths – no one can replicate you!

Ready to take the next step with us? Listen to episode two of the Flip the Freedom Switch podcast to hear more about what’s discussed here, and book a discovery call with me to get the ball rolling!

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