My Journey as an Entrepreneur & Finding Coveted Freedom

I'm Madeleine!

I’m a small-town girl from Switzerland, rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom and visionary with big dreams. Passionate about: Live music, deep conversations, and desert landscapes.

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Welcome to my 10 part blog series, Flip the Freedom Switch! Here, I’ll dive into my 7 Figure Freedom Method. This was boring after I saw so many friends and colleagues build their businesses into the glorified 7-figure mark but not have the profit, peace of mind, ease, or freedom that they had been led to believe would replace the six-figure hustle.

I’ve often seen that many 7-figure business owners still work very hard and long hours and worry about things falling apart when they step away. This is especially true in the online business space.

This series is about sharing why this happens and what you can do differently to ensure it doesn’t happen to you and your business. Instead, you can scale your profits and enhance your freedom. The best part? You don’t need to start from scratch again to do it. It’s all about leveraging the success you’ve already built, which is step one of the 7 Figure Freedom Method.

A Little About Me

Entrepreneurship is genuinely who I am at my core. I grew up working at my father’s lithographic company in Sweden. After high school, I moved to San Francisco and began my entrepreneurship journey. I worked at a small business throughout college and was laid off from my job shortly after graduating. I took my unemployment money and started my own business.

In just nine months, that business hit seven figures. I was able to double my income several years in a row but then ended up stuck in the same spot for a decade. There I was, spinning my wheels and working 60+ hours a week. In short, I was miserable. Then, just as I was ready to call it quits, a significant industry change hit and wiped out my business. 

I was literally on the brink of bankruptcy, and my glimmer of hope came. I received a postcard from a business broker. I decided to pivot, saving my livelihood and business in the process. It took six months, but I was able to generate a 65 percent profit margin and bring my working hours down from 60 hours a week to 8. At that point, I sold my business for the highest number the broker had ever seen. 

I sold everything I owned and moved into a travel trailer with my husband and two dogs. We spent two incredible years chasing our favorite bands around the country and having fun.

The Entrepreneurial Bug 

But my hiatus didn’t last long, as I once again caught the entrepreneurial bug and started my business consulting business. I applied strategies I used in my own business as I helped others and developed the 7 Figure Freedom Method. 

I have learned so much as an entrepreneur, and it certainly hasn’t always been graceful. I want to save you the heartache I have experienced as you find your success, and I also want you to have the freedoms I experience now. These include:

  • Taking a month off without my business falling apart
  • Investing in things I believe in 
  • Having the money to take care of my family
  • Working only three days a week
  • Depending on my team for support
  • Taking a day off on a whim
  • Spending time with my loved ones
  • Prioritizing self-care

Assisting The Next Generation of Leaders: The Bottom Line

I have a massive passion for ushering in the next level of leaders and helping build platforms that amplify their voices and messages in the world. Join me on this journey of transformation and step into your ultimate freedom.

Listen to episode one of the Flip the Switch Freedom podcast to get started, where I talk about my background and how I help entrepreneurs in more detail. See you there!

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