How You Can Get Out of the Weeds of Your Business, Eliminate Bottlenecks, & Achieve a New Level of Freedom

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Do you experience some sort of resistance to scaling your business? I’ve been there before, too. I was at a place with my business where I left calls unanswered because I didn’t know how I could serve more clients. I was maxed out and didn’t see a feasible way to move the needle forward for my business. 

You’re only human, and your mind and body need a break from work. Many CEOs plateau in their businesses because they’re pushing against capacity blocks. This happens because you’re running your business now with the old start-up model that you first began with. Let’s talk more about this concept today – and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Hustle Growth Mode 

This is what I call hustle growth mode. Your business is humming along, making an income and impact. But then, there’s some sort of breakdown. A team member leaves, technology falls apart, or something of that nature happens – something unexpected. The bottleneck that’s been there all along that you’ve been able to ignore breaks things. As CEO, you have to jump in and stop everything else you’re doing.

When this happens, growth stops, frustration and exhaustion set in, and your vision and leadership are somewhat lost. Things majorly slow down because, as CEO, you’re in the weeds of your business. 

You become overwhelmed and spread too thin, and the survival of your business depends on you fixing these issues. It’s a lot on your shoulders, and there’s only so much that one person can do.

What Does It Mean to Scale

I know that even when you’re amidst the hustle growth mode, I just described, you still desperately want to scale your business. I want you to understand that a calling is different from growing a business. Scaling involves efficiency, and it means you’re growing in a way that doesn’t require you to work harder or with clunky systems. In short, scaling refers to the act of generating more revenue without increasing expenses.

Scaling & Finding More Freedom: The Bottom Line 

My team and I want to help you scale, allowing you to find new ways to deliver your same impact on a much larger scale. We make this quantum leap possible and help you find opportunities to make this a reality for your business.

In addition, when you enlist in the Flip the Freedom Switch, my team and I will help you free up 10 to 20 hours in your schedule. You’ll be able to work less, go on vacations, and change your schedule to what works for you.

So let’s get started today – don’t delay. Listen to episode 3 of the Flip the Freedom Podcast to learn more about the hustle growth mode, and I’m sure you’ll be compelled to reach out to learn even more.

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