An Empowering Entrepreneurial Journey & What It’s Like to Step Into Your Own Power

entrepreneurial journey
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It’s always great to have a guest on the podcast, and on today’s post, I’m recapping a wonderful conversation I had with one of my clients. Joanna Kleinman and I have worked together for a relatively short amount of time but we’ve gotten a lot accomplished thus far together, and I’m excited to share that here.

entrepreneurial journey

Joanna’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Joanna is a published author who wrote the book Dethroning Your Inner Critic and runs her own podcast with the same name. She’s an amazing leader, visionary, and entrepreneur. She works with women all over the world, but she realized that she didn’t have the reach she should have prior to working with me.

In short, she was doing well, but she knew that there was a next level that she was falling short of. She had no idea how to get to that place, but knew that she wanted to be there. 

Joanna had been working with the same team of two people, but knew that deep down she needed something else. While she understood her zone of genius, she couldn’t pinpoint what she needed to add to her business life to become more successful. But, the more she was able to connect to her vision, the more she was able to clear the path towards our work together.

Once she and I got connected, she shared that she just knew we were a fit. We clicked, and the rest is history! 

Where is Joanna Now?

So, you may be wondering where Joanna is now on her entrepreneurial journey. In just six months of working together, we’ve accomplished so much. She notes that the biggest shift has come from stepping into seeing herself in a different light. She knew she had a lot to offer, but experienced fear around her prices and what she was charging.

But, she kept working on stepping into this new understanding of who she is and what she needed to bring into her work. And, get this: she raised her prices by a whopping 550 percent. 

Now, she embodies a different sense of power. There’s no fear about what she charges because she’s so incredibly clear about what she provides to her clients and the transformation she has to offer.

When we started working together, Joanna’s programs were doing great. But, our work together made her realize she could deliver her offers in a more ongoing way that she hadn’t previously thought of. So the two of us looked at her offers and redesigned her revenue models. I love numbers, and I love to see the impact that visionaries can make when they make more money, so this was a big thing that the two of us focused on.

Energy Creating a Ripple Effect

Joanna has recently experienced her best month ever in business — she truly couldn’t stop selling her aligned offer! She has come to realize that money is energy, and she really wants to help people become more aligned with that and with love. She now realizes that energy creates a huge ripple effect, particularly for women.

When we’re energetically aligned, we are more able to receive things from the universe. So, she believes that more wealth means more impact on things like programs she believes in, charities she wants to donate to, and so on. She’s also understanding that there are so many limiting beliefs with women and money, and she wants to help eradicate those with the women she works with.

The truth is that only 1.7 percent of women entrepreneurs ever make it to that seven-figure earning mark. That NEEDS to change! Visionary leaders sometimes feel out of alignment with making money, but as Joanna shared, the ripple effect of the energy is amazing. It allows for a deeper connection to vision and impact, which elevates it so far beyond just money.

But, nothing is wrong with making money and getting personal joy out of that. This is another thing that Joanna has recently come to realize. She’s stepping into her new level of joy and abundance, which has created its own ripple effect, too.

Buying Into the Investment

In our conversation, I asked Joanna how she got over the investment piece when it came to working with me. She did note that while it was a bit of a stretch in the beginning, she aligned herself with what was possible from this partnership rather than thinking of any possible negative outcomes. She viewed it as giving herself a gift.

She saw it as, “I get to invest in my business and future self that’s calling me.” From there, it was a total no-brainer. While it was a big leap, she truly believes that there’s no better way to spend money than on our joy and possibility. It allows for our big ripple effect in the world, which is very important.

Joanna’s Pivot 

I also asked Joanna how she was able to pivot and step into this bigger version of herself. She noted that the conversation we had about really seeing the ongoing value of the total transformation she offers her clients moved the needle for her. She knew she was powerful, but I was able to really mirror that back to her and open the door to owning that experience of her true self.

We have to see who we are through others before we can embody it. Just like all women, Joanna is motivated by acknowledgment, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to provide that for her. 

Joanna sees her vision as the compass that guides her, helping her to keep her eyes on the prize. She also shared that the vision she had for herself shifted after our six months of work together, as it’s no longer as limited as it once was. The more we keep stepping into our next level of growth and power, the more we can become someone we didn’t know was possible.

The Continuing Journey as an Entrepreneur: The Bottom Line

Joanna’s journey continues, and it’s just getting better and better as she evolves. She is starting a year-long program with 25 women. She’s also hosting a retreat in Costa Rica for 22 women this May and is currently working on three do-it-yourself courses. She’s embodying a way of reaching as many women as possible, and that absolutely lights her up.

Joanna is such a great example of what it’s like to work with me and my team, and I’m so glad I have been able to have had such a positive impact on her business and her as a visionary.

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!
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