Is It Time to Start Managing Your CEO Workload? Mellissa Seaman’s 7-Figure Freedom Experience

managing workload
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In this post, I am so excited to share the highlights from a conversation I had on the podcast with special guest Mellissa Seaman. Mellissa is a Stanford graduate, a business coach for highly gifted and intuitive people, and a client of mine for the past few years. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her through an amazing transformation. Let’s walk through how this has gone for her!

Mellissa has been working with intuitive people who want to build businesses with their intuitive gifts. Before we started working together, she was doing this in more defined programs and session packages. Once we started working together, though, we structured her focus and efforts, really zeroing in on where she could do the most good for people. We wanted her to not work as hard as she was and to be more efficient.  

Now that you have that background on Mellissa, let’s talk about how we made major changes in her business that had amazing results in not only her work – but her life!

managing workload

Fixing Mellissa’s Cash Flow Issue 

When Mellissa and I started working together, she felt like she was perpetually starting from zero. Whether it was a new month, she was ending a contract with a client, or anything of that nature, it felt like she was completely starting over. And with that, she was experiencing a cash flow issue in her business.

As a creative entrepreneur, she felt like she was on a runaway train. She continued to create content, but she wasn’t sure if it was going to work. She was throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what stuck.

As this continued, she was tired of hustling, yet she felt as though she shouldn’t have to hire someone like me for big-picture thinking. Since she’s highly educated and thinks “big picture” for her own clients, shouldn’t she be able to do it for herself?

So many entrepreneurs think that way, and it can be a major downfall. She has learned that she couldn’t think that way for herself the same way she does for her clients, and that’s where my team and I came in.

The Big Impact on Her Business 

Mellissa shared what has made the largest impact on her business since the two of us began working together. The focus on creating her online academy is what really stuck out. This is a resource with high-end support that has a lot of structure associated with it, which took a lot of the onus off of Mellissa and allows her to work less but maintain a steady income.

What Mellissa loves about this is the space this has granted her to bring content she’s passionate about to one central place. It’s a clear container where she can serve a large audience and there’s truly room for everyone with this membership program. She even has people on payment plans to create recurring revenue. Thus, she has far less anxiety around money, which means she’s happier and less stressed.

To create the academy, we pulled together the loose pieces of content she had already created. We leveraged what she already had – there was no need to start from scratch! These pieces came together to create a sustainable business model with recurring income and we built from there.

Having this baseline of abundance has provided Mellissa with a renewed sense of calm as well as the confidence to go after big money clients in a new way. She is now discerning and balanced in speaking to them with lessened pressure on the conversations because she’s not worried about money like she once was. What a freeing feeling! 

Changes to Mellissa’s Team

Mellissa has also experienced changes to her team through our work together. When we started our journey, she had a few people working for her. She loved them dearly and they were all doing all the things, which was chaotic. Although she described it as fun, she also described it as a shit show. They were simply doing their best to do things that weren’t their actual jobs.

She had also hired a business manager before we started working together. She was chaos in the same ways that Mellissa is, and it cost a lot of money to make things worse instead of better. 

Now, Mellissa has a manager that does her job well and she really makes the business hum and work the way that it should. I helped Mellissa hire this person, vetting candidates while Mellissa was taking time away to travel and enjoy life. This is the way things should be – and my program has afforded her times like these – much to her pleasure.

Build Processes and SOPs

Another way that our work together has benefited Mellissa and her business is by building out operational systems to help her team create a big impact. We’ve worked on SOPs that allow her business to weather storms, like a sudden and unexpected change in staffing. The business is now more resilient and provides ongoing safety.

Mellissa loves being able to hand things off to multiple people and having a structured and known quantity for her business. Her SOPs serve to be the true asset of her business, showing people how to do things and drive business and deliverables.

Where is Mellissa Now?

Now, Mellissa loves having a systemized business that she doesn’t have to babysit every step of the way. Instead, she gets to focus on doing things she loves – like teaching live classes and even writing a book. She’s focusing on the different ways she can make the largest impact because she now has the space to do so.

From an income perspective, she started at a couple hundred grand in profits. Now that she’s enlisted in the 7-Figure Freedom methodology, she is over $700k this year and was able to take $400k of that and put it into a retreat center and build on her land. She doesn’t want to live lavishly, but she considers the project of her heart that she wants to capitalize on and is lucky to be able to do that. In short: she’s able to build the dream she’s yearned for.

A Renewed Sense of Excitement: The Bottom Line

Mellissa has the spaciousness in her business now to really focus on what excites her about what she does. She’s happy for the changes we worked through together and she has a new perspective on her business, where it is, how it operates, and where it’s headed. What a wonderful conversation this was and I hope it showed you just how effective the 7-Figure Freedom method really is!

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

And if you want to take the next step, take the business assessment quiz to get started.

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