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Today’s post is all about the install portion of the 7-Figure Freedom Methodology. I’m excited to dive into this vital part of the process as it’s really the engine that keeps your business going. Too many visionaries overlook this step, and I don’t want the same to happen to you.

Failing to implement this step stops entrepreneurs from creating sustainable and reliable growth long term. Most entrepreneurs are so excited about the growth they experience from their strategy, which we talked about in a previous post. But, that success needs to ride on something to last long term. That something is the install.

business ops

What’s The Install All About?

The install may not come off as the most exciting part of the process – it’s not about tactics or things like marketing or advertising and so on. Instead, the install zeroes in on items like workflow, systems, automatons, numbers, and the details of your business.

A lot of visionaries struggle with these details, but that’s why we’re here: to build customized, personalized, visually appealing metrics dashboards to allow you quickly shift into the key numbers in your business. That’s what the install works to get into place.

You see, the install is all about the things that make your business run smoothly and allows you the freedom you’re seeking. The results of it are what’s exciting. The actual implementation of it, as I mentioned above, can be seen as a chore or a hassle.

The systems, procedures, and workflows are what allow your team to deliver excellent work and results, time and time again, in your business. That’s why the install is so important. It’s the guiding light of what tells your team what they’re doing on the day-to-day so no one needs to sit there and tell them or hold their hand. That’s where the freedom piece comes in.

The install allows automations and systems to do the heavy lifting in your business. It’s like being a part of a franchise where it’s a proven and repeatable model that has worked in other instances, so it’s replicated time and time again.

In this part of the process, we aim to build your business into a reproducible, predictable workflow that generates an income. We look at all five different areas of your business to do this:

  • Wealth
  • Integration
  • Support 
  • Expansion
  • Freedom

So let’s go through each of those items below so you can see how the 7-Figure Freedom method uses the install for each of these areas of business.

Install for Wealth

In this portion of your business, we will put together a metrics dashboard that identifies key factors of your business that are the driving force of your growth. 

Identifying these metrics allows us to predict cash flow, make sure team members are doing their job, detect trends, and get strategic about driving growth and expanding your reach. 

Install for Integration

When it comes to integration, we use a specific process called from idea to implementation so that you, as a CEO, don’t get stuck in the weeds of running your business. So often, you probably have brilliant ideas. But, it takes you walking others through that idea from start to finish to implement it correctly.

The better way to do this is for you to come up with the ideas but then to have a team of people who are reliable in implementing them. This is much more efficient. We help you create a team that does this in a systematic way – we use standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflows to help do this. From there, you will have a system that can reproduce results over and over again.

Install for Support

The support aspect also demands an install. We look at who you need on your team and map out an organizational chart. From there, we look at every team member, use the strengths finder for each one of them, and figure out what everyone’s natural strengths are and how they’re uniquely wired. 

It’s important to us that we put each team member into their specific zone of genius. When they’re there, they will be happier and perform better. They’ll take more initiative and be a better team member. For that reason, we create narrow and deep job descriptions and ensure people are in the right roles.

Then we can look at where gaps exist and what needs to be filled in, in conjunction with budgets and timelines, and begin recruiting. It’s hard to build your business to its full amazing potential on your own. We aim to extract you to become the true visionary of the business and then fill in with capable team members that know what they’re doing and are good at accelerating the growth you want to see. The longer you stay as the bottleneck of the business, the slower the growth will be.

We’ll also map out a full onboarding process for you that brings each team member on in a way that allows them complete training. This way, they’ll be fully up to speed on your company and will be set up for success.

Install for Expansion

In this area, we’re looking at the different pieces and strategies for expansion and then figure out how it can be automated. This means figuring out how we can attract the right clients to your business. 

Install for Freedom

Finally, the install works for freedom in a way that sets up your business in a way so that you can step away whenever you want to. We’ll even send you on vacation after the install is done so that we can see how it goes without you there. That way, you get the experience of stepping away and having your business run seamlessly simultaneously.

A Customized Install: The Bottom Line

We do this for our clients and while I just outlined the different pieces of the puzzle, each install we do is customized for our clients to match the needs of your specific business. It does take a little while to slow down enough to fit these pieces together, but thanks to my team and our ability to step into your business, we get them set where they need to be to make your business that much better.

From there, we hand off the pieces to your team so that they can run with them. We put all of the processes in place and give them to your team to use, to gain momentum, and to create sustainable growth -which is what we know you are truly after.

I hope this has taught you what the install is all about and has gotten you thinking about how it can apply to your own business. We’ll continue this deep dive next week!

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

And if you want to take the next step, take the business assessment quiz to get started.

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