How to Implement and Amplify the Right Business Strategy as a Visionary

the right business strategy
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It’s time to continue with our series that dives into the different parts of my method! Up next is strategy.

Strategy is a huge part of the 7-Figure Freedom method, and today’s post is all about the topic. I want you to see strategy from a different perspective. It can be very elusive, especially for visionaries. So it’s definitely an important topic to make sure that you understand for your business.

Below, I’ll go into common strategy mistakes, my suggestion for business strategy, and the ability to raise your rates in connection with a strong strategy. 

the right business strategy

Common Strategy Mistakes

I see some mistakes made pretty commonly with strategy. The first is that people bypass strategy altogether and start implementing tactics.

Tactics are things like:

  • Podcasts
  • Social media marketing
  • Branding 
  • YouTube channels

In short, tactics are things that we do to enhance our business and become more visible, allowing us to grow. These are great things! However, we want to start using them after we have a solid strategy for our businesses.

Using a tactic too soon and without a strategy in place means you might not be choosing the right things to get the results that you’re after. It prevents a cohesive flow for your business and could cause you to jump from tactic to tactic in an effort to test things out and see what works. Having a strategy to drive the results you want makes it clearer what tactics are in alignment with that strategy and goals.

Another mistake that I see a lot is visionaries hiring a lot of different people to do strategy in different parts of the business. For instance, they may have a Facebook ads person that creates and implants a strategy for that part of the business and a different person to work on and implement a podcasting strategy. 

When you do that, you have all different areas with their own strategies that don’t talk to each other, don’t amplify each other, and don’t collaborate. That means things will be piecemeal and things will fall through the cracks. It will take a lot more time and energy to do things this way. It’s important to have one cohesive strategy throughout your business to streamline things and that ensures all pieces work together to create big results.

The last mistake I’ve seen made a lot with strategy is that visionaries will hire a mentor to work with. From there, they end up with either a cookie-cutter strategy or one that’s not truly their own because they adopted the strategy of their mentor.

You’re not your mentor! You’re a unique and amazing visionary with your own goals and vision. Taking on someone else’s strategy will prevent your personality and vision from being amplified in the way you want it to be. 

My Suggestion for Strategy

The suggestion that I’m making for strategy works well if you are a $250k to $300k per year company. That means you have a proven offer and a proven marketing system with solid sales and a good amount of traction beneath your belt.

With that in mind, my team will sit down with you and look at your assessment and then look to create an overarching strategy for your business. We look at things like:

  • Wealth 
  • Business model
  • Revenue streams
  • Your offers
  • Sales process 
  • Marketing 
  • Integration
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Workflow
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Freedom 

With those items in mind, we map out a cohesive strategy. Every strategy will be different based on your unique genius and your unique vision. This strategy will encompass every department of your business to ensure that all of them work together.

Once you have this solid strategy, things will accelerate quickly. On average, our clients grow their revenue between $100k – $300k in the first 90-days, and this strategy plays a large part in that.

The Ability to Raise Your Rates

One of the things that we really help our clients with is raising their rates in a way that feels good for them and in alignment with their vision, company, and goals. In some cases, we’ve helped clients raise their rates 550% and have success with that. It may sound crazy, but it works. And I’m going to tell you why that’s so.

This works because we are reorganizing and realigning your offers in order to ensure your clients get the support they need and the results they want in a much more predictable and sustainable way. 

Because of that, it’s easier to sell and offer this new offering. While the offer itself is not brand new, it’s a realignment that really delivers the results you want your clients to receive.

Strategy Starts With the Assessment: The Bottom Line

When you have the right strategy and support in place, amazing results will come. It starts with the assessment, then mapping out the strategy. From there, executing the strategy will see it through to your success.

I hope you’re enjoying this deep dive thus far. I’ll talk to you next week!

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

And if you want to take the next step, take the business assessment quiz to get started.

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