The Possibilities of Exponential Growth & Why You Need to Go Slow to Go Fast

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This episode is all about the importance of going slow to go fast!

Wondering how this works?

When you’re going from the low six figures to high six figures, as the CEO, as the visionary, you can get stuck in hustling harder and trying to find the balance of it all.

Did you know…

There’s actually something so magical about doing the opposite—of slowing down rather than trying to speed up, and when we slow down and we put the right pieces in place in the right order at the time, as your business is growing, your growth happens so much faster. It becomes practically exponential! It becomes predictable and it becomes reoccurring.

This magic of slowing down to go fast we apply our clients all the time and I use it in my own business. We begin every single client engage with the audit, and the audit is all about identifying exactly what you have in place, what needs tweaking, eliminating, and what needs to be amplified.

Most other business strategists, coaches, and consultants are just adding a bunch of stuff in and they teach you how to do stuff they’ve done in the past that has brought them success or worked for their other clients.

Every time you start working with somebody new, you likely notice you go through this similar process of figuring out your ideal client, building up your offer, etc., right? It’s a mirror of many of the same steps. It’s like starting over again and again, and in reality, you because what is being missed, what isn’t being taken into account, is all the things that you already have in place in your business that has brought you success so far, and these parts, these pieces aren’t being amplified.

This is where we’re different—this is where our audit is unique and that’s why it offers such a profound perspective and creates an impact.

There’s no way you’d be where you are today without all the things you do have working for you that you’ve created and implemented! So, let’s start there and speed up your growth! This is another way we like to slow down to speed up. By amplifying what’s already working, we use that to really put you on a trajectory to massive growth down the road.

This audit, this slowing down process, is key for us to add an extra $100, $200, $300,000 to our client’s businesses in the first 90 days of working with us because we are doing those things—figuring out exactly where the profits leaks are so we can eliminate those leaks, as well as what the profit amplifiers are so we can amplify those things.

We hit the profit margin from both directions, eliminating the waste and maximizing results. When we do this, we get massive results in a very short amount of time and start looking at your business from the perspective of 20/80. The perspective of, “What is the 20% that is working really well for your business?” Then bring it into the 80% of the results that you’re after.

Once you start noticing those things and really identifying that, then amplifying, growth becomes predictable, reoccurring, massive, and exponential!

So, when you are feeling that need in your business to speed up, to move faster, to do more, I really want to invite you to see if you can slow down so you can go fast later.

Ask yourself:

What are the things that I need to take stock of to really have a solid foundation and really understand what direction I need to take my business to get the results that I want?

You can be way more strategic than just doing massive action and hoping that one of those active action pieces and all the things that you’re doing are finally going to get you the results you want.

This is your reminder to slow down, to go fast!

I’ll talk to you next week!

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

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