How to Create Financial Freedom & Lasting Transformations Through an Evolutionary Business Model

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Are you wondering how to create lasting transformations and financial freedom in your business?

I’ve developed an evolutionary business model that really explains exactly what it takes to scale your business from the low to mid-six figures into the seven figures and beyond, and really be able to make the kind of impact that you’re here to make.

My job? To make that transition easy and graceful!

I’m going to talk to you about the step-by-step process that we guide our clients through to really make that transformation happen for them. 

I’m going to flip your traditional way of thinking about a business model upside down because we do this completely differently, and this is why we get the amazing results that we get for our clients.

The Five Star Evolutionary Business Model

Ready for some business evolution? My evolutionary business model consists of five key areas that will ensure your success!

  • Wealth: Wealth is all about your business model, revenue model, your sales process and your offers, and how you’re bringing money into your business.

It’s a myth that you’re not growing because you’re not doing enough marketing.

Likely you’re not growing right now because you’re at your capacity. 

  • Integration: Integration is all about your workflow, your systems, operations, standard operational procedures, and all the stuff that makes the business run.
  • Support: Support is about having enough hands-on your team so that you can truly grow your business. To be able to go into the seven figures, you’re going to need a team.

If you get the right team and the right people in the right seats, you can literally have your team build your seven-figure business for you.

We call this strategic support—somebody who’s been where you’ve been and really knows how to guide you through the process of getting it to that next level in business.

  • Expansion: Expansion is how you expand your vision, how you get your message out there, knowing how to connect with your right-fit audience and the people that you’re really here to serve. 

It’s about getting your voice heard.

  • Freedom: Freedom to do the things that really matter to you both in your personal life and your business. 

We want you to have financial freedom, the freedom to plan for the future and feel secure and be well taken care of, and also have enough money to invest in things in your business that you know you need to invest in to make it to that next level. Also, time freedom so that you have the time to step away from your business without losing momentum or money every time you do. Time to be with the ones you love and do the things that nourish your soul.

We want you to have financial freedom because as a visionary, you are constantly coming up with brilliant ideas and we want you to have the creative freedom to be able to pursue them and make them happen and bring them into reality.

Our Four-Step Process to Transformation

Step 1: Deep Dive Assessment: 

We 100% customize every piece of the business building for our visionaries and we start first with the audit.

There’s a lot of things you’re doing right, right now, we want to help you take it a step further.

We want to identify the 20% that generates that 80% of the growth and impact and then we want to amplify it.

We search for profits leaks, where plates are being dropped, and mistakes are being made so that we can plug the holes and put that money back into your pockets. This is how we get amazing results! 


We do a team assessment and dive into identifying each team member’s zone of genius and we utilize human design and strengths finders for these pieces. We look very closely at your vision and what it is that you really want to create as an end result and then we build a business around your unique wiring around your natural strengths and your vision so that everything is perfectly aligned.


Here we look at your social media and website traffic and where it’s coming from. We look at each of your competitors and do a competitive analysis and we also do some market research with your current clients to get the right language change and really get your messaging dialed in.

Once we have this, we know exactly what needs to be tweaked, amplified, or eliminated to maximize results for your business. 

VIP Day:

Once we’ve gathered all of this data, then we know how to restructure your business, redesign it so that it’s much more aligned to who you truly are and the vision that you have for your business so that all of that runs with ease and grace, and also really amplifies your impact, gross revenue, and allows you to have that sense of freedom that you really want.

Step 2: Strategy 

This is where I help you take your biggest and boldest ideas and integrate them with all the data points from the audit and effortlessly design a business model that is 100% aligned with your vision, your unique wiring, and your natural strengths.

We ensure that your business is profitable and sustainable no matter what challenges you may face now or in the future, we really help create an aligned message to give voice to your most profound transformation so that you can stand out in this overcrowded marketplace.

There are often times a need for pivoting the messaging and getting really potent with who you really are in the world so that you can separate yourself from all the noise.

We really look at creating a customized strategic marketing plan to take your 7-figure freedom and really turn that into a reality. Map out an empowered sales process so that you have each step of your sales process effortlessly take your sales process from skeptical to committed and happy to invest with you. 

Within this business evolution process, I want you to feel loved up!

We really want all the pieces to fit together seamlessly for you so that journey for your clients to step in and start working with you feels really natural, fun, and exciting. We look at creating a dream team organizational chart for you. This allows you to prioritize yourself and only do the stuff that you love in your business and delegate everything else. Making sure you have the right support is key!

Step 3: Installation

My team steps into your business and does the installations of the strategy for you—there’s nothing for you to do other than allowing me to pick your brain to really figure out what it is your true vision is in helping you to really identify your natural strengths, your unique wiring, and then aligning everything to that vision. 

You truly get to stay in your zone of genius, and you let us install the system necessary to hand over to operations to your capable team, that we’ve helped build for you. 

We create a customized metrics dashboard so that you know within 30 seconds what’s where. We want to create something really easy for you to access the most important key performance indicators in your business.

Streamline Operations Flow:

This amazing structure I developed, allows you to take an idea you have and just hand it off to your team to implement that idea into your business. We’ll train your team to utilize this and show you how to put that in place for your business. We make everything as effortless as possible for you!

This is why I really feel like structure actually equals freedom for you the CEO. We use this business evolution structure to be successful. 

This also means that no matter what comes your way—an emergency or someone resigning, you’re not left feeling terrified by facing the situation without them because you have the support and the structure you need!

We develop hiring funnels for bringing in new hires and really make sure that the top talent rises to the top, and those are the people that we only actually hire, right?

Step 4: Optimization 

We want the love, attention, and value that you pour into your business to serve and to be returned to you tenfold. That’s why we continuously optimize everything we’ve installed into your business so you can truly sit back and enjoy your newfound freedom. 

Then you can watch how you’re making this massive impact and rapidly growing your bank account.

Ready for Financial Freedom?

This evolutionary business model is how we add an extra $100K to $300K for our clients’ businesses within 90 days of working together.

I know it might sound like a crazy number, but that is actually the thing that happens for every single one of our clients that step into the accelerator program after partnering with us.

We’ll give you the freedom that you’re looking for, and it would also give a lot of freedom to the people you serve and the people working in your business creates this expansion for all of you.

We want to help align your vision and be that driving force that allows you to make a lasting transformation for humanity and the people that you’re here to serve!

I would love to get connected on Instagram or The 7-Figure Freedom Club Facebook Group so we can chat about your takeaways from this episode. If you’re interested in learning more schedule a call with me today or visit my website!

And if you want to take the next step, take the business assessment quiz to get started.

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