Embracing Your Power Through Fear and Uncertainty

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In this post, I will start a conversation I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been watching this world we live in, this new normal. I call it the new crazy because I don’t think there’s anything ordinary about what’s happening now. We are watching our old world crumbling around us, what was familiar and what we loved, and a lot of the things we held dear are gone. New things are emerging, but we are in this limbo right in so much uncertainty. 

Choosing Strength in Tough Times

I wanted to talk about what it means to be a visionary leader in a time like this. What is our duty as visionary leaders right now? And what does it look like to step into that leadership position? This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last two years, and I’ve gotten really clear that I am on a mission to usher in the new-level leaders.

What I’m seeing out there is that many people we have held up on pedestals and admired. People that have been leaders for decades in all walks of life, politics, entrepreneurship, celebrities are crumbling. Those leaders are falling from grace and their top leadership positions. Their seats are becoming vacant. And I’m feeling that a lot of people have been sitting by the sidelines that are being activated right now. People with unique transformational gifts see how to empower people who want to do good in the world and want to help their fellow humans. They’re not focused on greed but are looking to lift and change the world profoundly. I work with many leaders, and those are the people that I want to help usher into the next level of leadership to take those vacant seats at the top.

Powering through Fear

As I’m working with these leaders, I’m finding that a lot of them are afraid. There is a fear of being attacked, canceled, or hated by others. Some have watered down their messaging not to offend or cause too much trouble. But I think it’s time to tap into their true potential and the right messaging to scale their business to create a lasting change in the world. 

This process requires a shift in mindset. It also needs an ability to step in and do something that may scare us, and at first, it feels challenging. You may not know precisely how, but you know that you’re being called forth because something inside of you is stirring, feeling the activation that is taking place in your gut. And you know that this is your time. Are you ready to step into it and claim it? It would be best if you had support and community. You need strategy and, yes, a mindset shift.

Moving Forward

I see so many extraordinary, influential leaders right now waiting to have their anxiety around this ability go away before taking any action to step forward. And that’s just not how it works, my friends. You have to take the first step and start moving in a direction that you know that you’re supposed to go through some of the freakouts to start succeeding because you start getting evidence that something else is possible. As you begin moving forward, things start happening for you. 

One of the most important things for us is to keep our eye on the vision and allow that to be your compass, your guiding light right now, and constantly keep tuning into it. Because if you don’t have something bigger than you, if you don’t have a reason that’s much bigger than just you showing up doing one little thing, you won’t make it. You’re going to need a much bigger anchor, a much bigger guiding light in the future that propels you towards your vision.

We have to shift this mindset for the visionary leaders, rebels, and change-makers to allow more wealth into our existence so that we can turn around and do good with it and create more abundance for ourselves so that we feel really luxurious and genuinely safe. The safer we feel in the world, the more we will exude and embody our vision.

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